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Case Study: 3-Year Degree

I-140immigration visa, and received an RFE from the USCIS. After consulting several foreign credential evaluation agencies, he found none who were willing to submit an evaluation report showing his 3-year degree to be the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree. Then he turned to Career Consulting International. We were able to offer him an educational evaluation demonstrating his 3-year Bachelor Degree to be equal to a U.S. Bachelor Degree as the labor certificate demanded. We did this by offering an evaluation report, an expert opinion letter, and 250 pages of documentation supporting the position that the two degrees were equivalent. He was happy to share with us later that we had successfully answered the RFEand his I-140 had been approved. While we could not offer him a 100 percent guarantee that his foreign degree would be accepted, we could show him that we have had considerable success in demonstrating the equivalency of these two degrees.]]>

Case Study: RFE for Labor Certificate

USCIS recognizes that a client’s foreign degree is the U.S.equivalency of a Bachelor Degree, but disagrees that the client’s educational experience meets labor certificate requirements. In these cases, a functional equivalency must be shown between the labor certificate and the degree obtained. In this particular case, a client approached Career Consulting Internationalafter receiving an RFE from the USCIS. He held a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, but his immigration visa requirements required a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. We were able to supply extensive research materials and evidence to issue an expert opinion demonstrating how the two degrees were in fact functionally equivalent. With the educational evaluation and the expert opinion, we were able to successfully answer the RFE. The client received approval for his visa.]]>

Case Study: EB2 Denial Successfully appealed.

educational evaluation for a work visa indicating that his foreign academic credentials were equivalent to a four-year degree. The USCIS issued a denial, indicating that the evaluation report had combined two degrees to issue the U.S.equivalency of a single four-year degree. Career Consulting International was able to offer an expert opinion that, combined with a large quantity of research, persuasively demonstrated that the client’s foreign credentials were equal to a four-year degree. Furthermore, this was done without attempting to combine the client’s foreign degrees to achieve this equivalency. The USCIS found the evaluation persuasive, and reversed the denial on appeal.]]>

Case Study: Another I-140 Visa Approved

AAO after only one year. Then he came to Career Consulting International. We were able to show that his 3-year degree was the U.S. equivalency of a four-year Bachelor Degree in the same field. We also issued an evaluation report indicating that the client’s Associate Membership in the Indian Institute of Metals (AMIM) was the U.S. equivalency of a Master Degree in Metals Engineering. The client’s attorney used these evaluations to submit a brief arguing that the client’s petition should be approved. The client’s I-140 visa was subsequently granted.]]>

Case Study: Chartered Accountancy Certificates = a U.S. Master Degree

RFE from the USCIS regarding his Chartered Accountancy (CA) Certificate from India. The RFE stated that theUSCIS did not believe that his CA was the U.S. equivalency of a Master Degree, which was the requirement for his employment visa. Career Consulting International was asked to deliver a foreign credentials evaluation of the client’s Indian Bachelor Degree and CA certificate. In oureducational evaluation, we were able to demonstrate that his foreign degree and certification was indeed the U.S. equivalency demanded by the labor certificate. The USCIS reviewed our evaluation report and determined that we correctly evaluated the client’s education. As a consequence, his visa was approved.]]>

Case Study: 3-Year Degree and Master Degree from India

Recently, our clients here at Career Consulting International have been consistently writing us that they are having a great deal of success with ourforeign credentials evaluations. Lately, we’ve had several clients write and let us know that their I-140 visas have been approved as a result of our evaluation reports. Our most recent success story was a client with a 3-Year Indian degree in Business and a Master Degree in Business Management. We were able to offer an expert opinion that his degrees were the U.S. equivalency of a Master Degree as demanded for his labor requirement. We did this through equating each of his foreign degrees to its U.S. equivalency. We showed that his foreign diploma for high school was equal to an accreditedU.S. high school diploma, and that his Bachelor Degree was equal to a U.S.Bachelor Degree. Finally, we offered substantial evidence that his Master Degree was equal to a Master Degree from an accredited U.S. university. After examining our foreign academic credentials evaluation, the USCISagreed. Our client’s immigration visa was approved on the basis that Immigration Services agreed that he indeed met the educational requirements for his position.  


Another Successful Response to an RFE:

foreign credentials evaluation from a man who had received a request for evidence (RFE) from the USCIS. His degree was in engineering, and his labor certificate demanded a degree in the computer industry. An attorney told this client that they would need to get an education evaluation from a foreign academic credentials evaluation agency. Neither the attorney nor the client were certain what company they would use. After searching through immigration forums, the client decided to opt for Career Consulting International. Professor John Kersey and education evaluation expert Sheila Danzig explained to him that his degree in engineering actually met the requirement for a degree in the computer industry. He submitted his evaluation, and we at TDP were very pleased to hear from the client that his I-140 visa had been approved.]]>

Good news for 3 year degree holders:

RFEs. These clients have applied to us indicating that a foreign credentials evaluation of their 3-year degrees had resulted in RFEs and denials. Ms. Sheila Danzig, and academic expert, Professor John Kersey, have developed an approach for evaluating 3-year degrees that has been very successful withUSCIS authorities. Because of this effective method, many people who have experienced RFEs or denials of immigration visas because of their three-year degrees have been able to successfully appeal these decisions. Ms. Danzig and Professor Kersey have compiled more than 400 pages of evidence supporting the equality of the 3-year degree for employment-based and immigration visas for people holding foreign credentials.  If you’ve had enough difficulties with problematic foreign credentials evaluations from other agencies, get a low-cost pre-evaluation from the experts at TheDegreePeople today!]]>

Case Study: Functional Equivalencies for Labor Requirements

Recently, a client came to us with a 3-Year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Secretaryship. He had applied for an EB-3 visa, and required an expert opinion that his degree was in fact the functional equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Using only the expert opinion of Professor John Kersey, whose evaluations have regularly been approved by the USCIS, we were able to help the client demonstrate that his degree was in fact functionally the same as its U.S. equivalency in Computer Science. This client was directed to us by an experienced immigration attorney who had previously worked successfully with Career Consulting International. Due to the unique nature of every case, CCI cannot guarantee that every outcome will be successful. We do know, however, that we regularly receive reports like this from our clients that their work or immigration visas have been approved, or that RFEs and Denials have been successfully answered. Because we specialize in the toughest cases, we are glad to know when our efforts achieve results. If you have a similar story to share, contact us today!]]>

Case Study: United Nations Recommends Career Consulting International

immigration visa chat boards a few months ago. Here is the story in his own words (his name has been removed, as we always protect our clients’ privacy): Guys, I want to share good news, finally I got a magic email from USCIS that my I-140is approved at TSC service center. Here are my details: My first I 140 filed from NSC using substitute labor was denied in Jan’03. Reason: Education Evaluation. [I was] denied from AAO after one year. Recently my original labor was approved from backlog center, this time I did my evaluation fromSheila Danzig, she did excellent job, she actually evaluated my 3 years of Polytechnic(Met Engg) equivalent to US BS, total credits 122.5. Ms. Danzig also produced an expert opinion, evaluating my AMIIM( Associate Member of Indian Institute of metals) equivalent to Master in Met engg. With that my attorney applied [for the] I-140 at TSC on 31st March and today I got the email from USCIS for approval. Actually I must thank to United Nations, who advised me to get my evaluation done thru Sheila. Guys this is not an advertisement for Sheila or United Nation but its true success story.]]>

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