Recently, our clients here at Career Consulting International have been consistently writing us that they are having a great deal of success with ourforeign credentials evaluations. Lately, we’ve had several clients write and let us know that their I-140 visas have been approved as a result of our evaluation reports. Our most recent success story was a client with a 3-Year Indian degree in Business and a Master Degree in Business Management. We were able to offer an expert opinion that his degrees were the U.S. equivalency of a Master Degree as demanded for his labor requirement. We did this through equating each of his foreign degrees to its U.S. equivalency. We showed that his foreign diploma for high school was equal to an accreditedU.S. high school diploma, and that his Bachelor Degree was equal to a U.S.Bachelor Degree. Finally, we offered substantial evidence that his Master Degree was equal to a Master Degree from an accredited U.S. university. After examining our foreign academic credentials evaluation, the USCISagreed. Our client’s immigration visa was approved on the basis that Immigration Services agreed that he indeed met the educational requirements for his position.