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Send Us Clear Copies of Your Documentation

Please do not send the original documents.

  1. Fill out and process our order form.  Be sure to pay online with a MasterCard, Visa, American Express Debit or Credit Card to be eligible for our online discounts. If you submit your order or pay any other way (fax or postal mail your order form) you must pay the full amount.
  2. Documents: Send us your diploma and/or transcripts or mark sheets when available in the ORIGINAL language as well as the ENGLISH translation. We do not need original documents but we do need CLEAR copies. **You may fax them TOLL-FREE to 866.585.1409 with a cover letter with your name, address, email address, and phone number. If you send your order form via fax or email you do not have to send it again, as long as your contact information is attached. Or you can scan these documents and send them to us via email to the email addresses on the order form.

Note: For immigration purposes, the document evaluation is generally sufficient for the H1b visa. However, for the I-140 we strongly suggest that you submit a course by course evaluation. All immigration evaluations should include secondary school documents as well. There is no charge to include secondary school evaluations.



These are the INTERNET SPECIAL PRICES. That means that you apply online only and send your documents via email or by fax. The regular prices are for people who come to our office or send documents or order form via postal mail.
  1. A documents (or general) evaluation is for $70.00. This will state what your degree is equivalent to in the US. This is for employment and immigraton (VISA) purposes.
  2. A course by course evaluation is a document evaluation PLUS all of the courses that you took, as the courses that they are equivalent to in the US. This includes a US GPA equivalency as well. The cost is $185.00. This is for entrance into graduate school, licensing, and some jobs.
  3. Education + Work Experience evaluation or Work only evaluation follows the Immigration rules to use education to add to your university work, or replace university work. Employer letters stating the dates that you worked and your job responsibilities are required. The cost is $425.00  and includes a professor’s expert opinion letter. This type if evaluation is good for the H-1B Visa and is often accepted for employment purposes. This is not for applying to graduate school without an undergraduate degree.  With the expert opinion letter we have had 100% approvals from USCIS on all of our education + work evaluations.

For $20 we will create a signed electronic copy that can be used for college and job applications. This allows you (or your employer or attorney) to review the evaluation before we print so that changes can be made at that time.

Extra Copies – Prices are on the order form.

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Rush Services Are Available

Your evaluation will be completed within two weeks OR LESS, at no extra charge. If you're in a hurry, consider our rush services:
  • Delivery

    4-Day Service

    The charge is $70 in addition to the cost of the evaluation. You will have the electronic copy within 3 calendar days.

  • Express

    Next Business Day Service

    (24 hour delivery of the soft copy starting the next business hour)

    The charge is $300 in addition to the cost of the evaluation. You will have the electronic copy the following business day.

  • 12

    Special 12 Hour Service

    (This includes weekends and nights. It is 12 clock hours, not 12 business hours)

    The charge is $300 in addition to the cost of the evaluation. You will have the electronic copy (included in the cost) within 12 hours.

NOTE: These timeframes start after all documents are received.

Special Mailing Options

Ordinary First Class Mail is included for documents being sent to the US. AirMail is included for documents being sent to Canada. For priority mail, overnight mail and mail to any countries outside of the US, please see the order form.

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