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Progressive Work Experience: the Key to Solving H-1B Education Issues

Sep 14, 2021

Issues regarding education is a perennial problem H-1B beneficiaries face when it comes time to file.  This is because there are many educational pathways that highly skilled workers take to acquire the specialized knowledge and skill sets that their employers hire them for.   If the educational pathway is anything but a US bachelor’s degree or […]

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How to Prevent Complex H-1B RFEs for Round Two

Sep 9, 2021

Complex RFEs can cause employment start date delays which throw a wrench in overall company workflow.  In recent years, we have seen as many as three rounds of RFEs before visa approval.  If your registration was selected for the second round of the H-1B lottery, it is essential to get that visa approved the FIRST […]

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Know Your Employment-Based Green Card Preference Categories

Sep 5, 2021

If you, or if your employee or client meets employment-based green card eligibility requirements, this is the year to file.  In a normal calendar year, there are 140,000 of these green cards available to companies that permanently employ foreign nationals.  This year, starting October 1, 2021, there will be over 290,000 available. Why is this […]

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H-1B Round 2: Answers for Applicants Selected Last Month

Aug 30, 2021

This is the second year the H-1B lottery has been conducted as a two-step process, with an initial electronic registration and subsequent selection and invitation to submit completed petitions.  On March 30th 2021, USCIS conducted the first lottery, selecting 87,500 registrations to fill 85,000 H-1B visa slots.  Applicants in the first round had until June […]

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Over 290,000 Employment-Based Green Cards will be Available for FY 2022

Aug 18, 2021

In a normal year, there are 140,000 Employment-Based Green Cards available.  However, 2020 was not a normal year and over 150,000 relatives of US citizens and green card holders were unable to immigrate because US Embassies abroad were closed due to the pandemic.  Ever year, there is a 226,000 family-based green card quota.  If this […]

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USCIS Accepting Resubmission of Petitions from FY2021 – Do You Qualify?

Aug 10, 2021

If your H-1B application for FY2021 was rejected, you may get a second chance to file.  USCIS is now accepting petitions from last year that were rejected because the start date was LATER THAN October 1, 2020.  Why is USCIS doing this?  Last year, under the new two-step application process and the general uncertainties of […]

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How Computer Programmers Applying for H-1B Visa Status Can Prevent Specialty Occupation Issues

Aug 6, 2021

According to Forbes, about two-thirds of annual H-1B cap-subject visas are awarded to beneficiaries in computer occupations.  As of June 2021, there were over 1 million computer positions actively vacant.  However, H-1B applicants working as computer programmers have been hit the hardest by specialty occupation issues in their petitions. A few years back, a H-1B […]

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No College? No Problem! How to Prevent an H-1B Education RFE

Aug 4, 2021

Brilliant, highly skilled professionals often take non-traditional pathways through education combining work experience with formal training.  Sometimes all of the education takes place on the job.  The question is, how do you explain this to USCIS in your H-1B visa petition? The answer is that you must show the US academic value of the work […]

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Who is the Most Overlooked Member of the Visa Petition Team? The Paralegal!

Jul 26, 2021

A successful visa petition takes a team effort.  The beneficiary, the employer, and the immigration lawyer all have important rules to play.  Who is the team member that gets often overlooked but performs many of the vital roles?  The paralegal. The bones of a successful petition are ensuring the required forms are submitted in order […]

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