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How to Answer a Double H-1B RFE and Prevent Round Two in Just One Response

Oct 14, 2019

When USCIS finds a problem with your petition, or with your client or employee’s H-1B petition, more and more often they are finding something wrong with your response.  The second round of H-1B RFEs hit H-1B hopefuls harder than ever and like a ton of bricks last H-1B season, and this year is equally bad. […]

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Two Steps to the Expert Opinion Letter that will Overturn an H-1B Specialty Occupation RFE

Oct 2, 2019

At CCI we work with difficult H-1B RFEs every year, and over the past two years, we have seen a disproportionate number of specialty occupation RFEs for jobs that have never before been called into question.  This RFE and Denial trend was recently confirmed by the declassification of USCIS documents that fundamentally increased the […]

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Declassified USCIS Documents Show Illegal Restriction of H-1B Visas Since 2017

Sep 24, 2019

The American Immigration Lawyers Association released USCIS documents following the settlement of a FOIA lawsuit that confirm their suspicions that USCIS has been limiting H-1B visas without legal precedent. The USCIS documents made public are “H-1B RFE Standards” from March 23, 2017, and “H-1B AC21 Denial Standards, from July 17, 2017.  These changes followed the […]

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H-1B RFE Support: How to Write the Response to Make the Cut for Visa Approval

Sep 18, 2019

The rate of H-1B petitions receiving an RFE instead of outright approval has skyrocketed to 60%.  That means if you, or your employee or client filed an H-1B petition back in April and made the lottery, they most likely received an RFE.  Of those 60% who received RFEs, just 60% of those RFEs are overturned […]

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Specialty Occupation RFE Solutions Amidst Changing H-1B Approval Trends

Aug 26, 2019

Over the past three H-1B cap-subject seasons, we have seen an unprecedented rise in specialty occupation RFEs calling jobs into question that had never run into trouble before.  This trend is echoed across the entire H-1B visa program, with overall approval rates plummeting from over 80% in 2015 to around 60% for FY2019.  USICS approval […]

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How to Fight the H-1B Specialty Occupation RFE and Why it’s Important

Aug 19, 2019

How to Fight the H-1B Specialty Occupation RFE and Why it’s Important Over the past two years, H-1B jobs that had previously been approved as specialty occupations – such as electrical engineer or computer programmer – are now receiving RFEs as responses to initial petitions instead of approval.  This is because USCIS has raised its […]

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H-1B Employer Data Hub Proves USCIS is Restricting H-1B Visas without Regulation

Aug 14, 2019

Over the past two years, lawyers, employers, and H-1B beneficiaries have suspected USCIS raised its standard of proof for H-1B visa approval without any new law, regulation, or notice to the public.  This was evidenced anecdotally with jobs that had never before been called into question for meeting H-1B specialty occupation requirements suddenly being hit […]

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Case Study: Specialty Occupation RFE for Engineer Successfully Answered

Aug 12, 2019

The numbers show that the same specialty occupations approved for H-1B visas just a few years ago are now being called into question.  According to Forbes, in FY2017 only 3% of H-1B extension petitions were denied.  These petitions are for beneficiaries whose H-1B visas were previously approved.  Then, in FY2018, the denial rate more than […]

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RFE Season is Rolling in with MORE Specialty Occupation RFEs

Jul 25, 2019

RFE Season is Rolling in with MORE Specialty Occupation RFEs Every year, a higher percentage of H-1B beneficiaries selected in the lottery receive an RFE this time of year instead of outright visa approval.  If you, or if your employee or client received an H-1B RFE this year, there is a high probability that is […]

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