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“ … Hi Meena, Thank you so much for the evaluation, I am really satisfied with it you are so fantastic in terms of efficiency and everything. I am so glad that I am able to meet up the GPA requirement of the school. I will recommend you guys to all my buddies starting with my husband, so don’t get tired of receiving customers. God bless you. I forgot to mention that you guys have a wonderful director, Ms. Sheila, she is a blessing.”

“ … You worked with my client, Isac _______, and me with his three-year Indian Bachelors degree. I just wanted to let you know that we received word today from USCIS that his I-140 Petition has been approved. I want to thank you and the others who worked on the evaluation. Great Job! I will not be able to say enough about your company to my friends and colleagues. Again, I want to thank you."

“ … A few months ago I had my undergraduate degree from India evaluated from CCI. I needed this evaluation as a part of my application to JD program at various law schools. I am very happy to let you know that of the six law schools to which I applied, I have been admitted by four. I expect to attend Boston University Law School in Fall 06. Thank you very much for your kind consideration, and assistance, in my applications.”

“ … I just received my acceptance letter into the US Regionally Accredited MBA program thanks to your guidance and evaluation. Thanks, CCI I could not have done it without you.”

“ … You evaluated my 3 year degree as equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. My case was approved today. I am really thankful to you. Your research on Education evaluation was excellent. Mine got approved in EB2. I really appreciate all the help.”

“ … Sheila, I’m very happy and satisfied with your help. I’ve been a stay at home mother … for almost 12 years and finally I can move on to further my career. I will mention your agency to other Filipinos who want their documents to be evaluated. More power!”

“ … I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Sheila and CCI; without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue a Master’s Degree from a Regionally accredited University in the US. You guided me through the whole process step by step, and not only allowed me to continue my Master’s but also provided various options. You don’t see things at the face value but do your research and make sure that your customers get their Certificates interpreted correctly.

I did my evaluations through two other agencies before you and both of them gave me results of my certificates at face value (and different from one another), and never did good research to find out their real value, but with you, it was totally different.

I got not only the value for my money but definitely much much more than that. Best customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. Thanks to you I will be graduating in July 2005 with my Masters. Thank you, Sheila, thank you CCI. EFFICIENT, COMPETENT, EXCELLENT AND SPEEDY.

You definitely get a lot more than what you pay for, and you would not have anything to complain about.”

“ … I just wanted you to know that my I-140 was approved in EB2 (with my 3 year degree). I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marian, Sheila and Meena for all your help during the I-140 filing process.”

“ … I just got approval notice for my I-140 in EB3 catagory. I just want to thank Sheila who did my degree evaluation after i was denied I-140.I also want to let all … that even 3 year degree from India or any other country is acceptable as 4 year degree if it meets certain conditions.”

“ … I truly appreciate you and Sheila for all you do for us. We’re in the business of changing people’s lives and sometimes this evaluation is the only thing standing between them and a chance to make changes for the better.”

“ … I just wanted to personally thank you for all your help in making this possible. I have just been accepted into the (online) Masters Degree Program in Education with a US Regionally Accredited University with target graduation date of October 004…I am eagerly looking forward to it. I just can’t thank you all enough. Please give my undivided gratitude to all the people of …Career Consulting International who helped make this dream possible for me.”

“ … Dear Sheila,In late 2006 you gave an excellent evaluation for my 3 year British computer society degree. Thanks to this I was able to get my I-140 approved and this month my Green Card got approved. Thank you for your excellent service and personally replying to my emails during the time. I continue to reccomend you to everyone I know who needs immigration related evalations done.

Thanks again.”

“ … My I-140 got approved on July 19, 2006. My I-140 was rejected (denial) because of education evaluation done by Glxxx. I owe this approval to you. The only thing that we did in a different way was to use your evaluiation. We applied for I-140 on July 5, 2006 and got our approval on July 19 2006. Thanks a lot for everything. Please thank (your staff) on my behalf. I owe my I-140 approval to you..”

"Dear Sheila: I am immigration counsel to _____, Inc., I -140 petitioner for ________. I wanted to let you know that we received … an electronic notice that (his) I-140 petition was approved. As you know, the issue involved the EB-2 equivalency of an Indian three year baccalaureate degree to a U.S. Master’s degree. This has been an area fraught with controversy and contradictory opinions. It appears that in this case USCIS read 204.5(k)(2) narrowly to allow for an advanced degree based on 5 years progressive experience without requiring the underlying PERM to provide for the alternative qualification of a BS plus 5 years progressive experience. The underlying PERM required a minimal academic qualification of an MS plus 6 years; the box for the acceptability of a foreign degree equivalent was checked, but no requirement of a BS plus 5 alternative credential was articulated. … excellent result. Thank you for your work on this. Trying to get a fix on a trend here is like trying to catch a tiger by the tail. Regards, R.G."

“ … Thank you for your prompt responses- and I am very much pleased with your courteous and professional service- the best I have ever seen.”
“… I must say, I am very happy that I found your company. You are extremely professional at what you do and I have felt very comfortable about how your company responded to my needs on a daily basis. I am more than happy to promote you and refer others to your organization without hesitation. I will especially let the Academy know as they usually have several foreigners applying like me. I am sure you must know how very happy I am that I have now been officially accepted into the School and this privilege is all due to your company’s services.Thanks ever so much.”

“ … I called you last week, and I want to you to tell you how much I appreciated your help. Unlike the other agencies that I called who all told me to send in my money, you gave me your time and some excellent advice. I live in New York State and wanted an evaluation so I could teach in New York. You told me not to pay for an evaluation because New York does their own evaluations for teachers. You even took the time to look up the phone number for me. When I asked about ordering your evaluation any way, you said not to, that I did not need to spend the money. Your kindness and advice is greatly appreciated. No other evaluation agency offered me any help at all. They only wanted my money. You really wanted to help me. I cannot thank you enough.”

“ … Hi Sheila, Great News!! MY I-140 has been approved.

Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you very much for all your help and support. When I got the RFE from USCIS, I was not sure about whom I should approach in getting the education evaluation. Even my employer and attorney were not giving the best answers for all the questions that I had in my mind. My attorney told me that he would get the education evaluation for some company, but told me that he cannot assure me that my I-140 would be approved. But I found about your company through Google and from some other immigration forums. I saw the testimonials in your website, then I thought I should give it a try. I just sent an email for pre-evaluation, I got a quick response from you. After reviewing my RFE, you gave me below reply:

But you have a degree in engineering. It cannot be shown as a degree in computer science and does not need to be shown as such. You are misunderstanding what the labor certificate says. The RFE mentions the computer INDUSTRY – it does not say you must have a degree in computer science. You must always follow the labor certificate and that is what we are doing. Your degree in Engineering is in the computer “industry.”

Even my attorney was not able to give such a sound and professional advice. After looking at your reply, I felt very happy and got the answers for all the questions that I had in my mind. After responding to the RFE with the education evaluation from CCI, I got the approval from USCIS in 2 weeks. God bless you & your company!!! I believe your services are very much needed for all the immigrants out there. I would definetly recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks again!”

“ … I’d like to thank you for your services in evaluating my educational documents. You helped me in a difficult situation and through extensive research you were able to get results that other, 'bigger' agencies were unable to achieve. I especially also thank you for going out of your way even after the evaluation was done, to support and provide me with additional supporting documents, at NO additional cost! These documents helped strengthen my case and were a big help in getting me the required license.Once again thank you for the excellent work and support!”

“ … Dear Madam Tamara Howell: I am extremely happy that I found your website in the internet.  I always will be very gratefull of your honest and professional advise.  My evaluation can not be better.  I got you from heaven.  I can not find the appropriate words to express my gratitude and I will recommend your service very highly.  You are outstanding!!!

Thank you so much!!!”

“ … Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I found your service on the website. You have been a delight to work with. I would highly recommend your service to anyone and will continue to send all my evaluation needs to you. Thank you so much.”

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