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RFE's, Noids, & Denials


Specializing in Difficult Cases

We are the only Foreign Credential Evaluation Service that specializes in

  • RFE’s
  • Denials
  • 3-Year Degrees
  • CA (CPA)
  • ICWA
  • And More

We also provide work experience evaluations for the H1B, E3, TN. Let us review your case with a no-charge pre-evaluation.

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Free RFE, Noid, or Denial Analysis

Fill out the form below for a free analysis in less than 48 hours.

  • Please submit the following documents via email with the beneficiary's name in the subject line. Put your name EXACTLY as it appears on your education documents.

    If you have an RFE, NOID, or DENIAL for an I-140 filing, please send the RFE, NOID or DENIAL, all education DOCUMENTS, a current accurate resume in Microsoft Word format, and the exact education requirements on the PERM.

    If you have an RFE, NOID, or DENIAL for an H-1B visa, we will need the following documents. You can start by sending as many as you have to see if we can help you. But to complete your order, we need all of the following in the format requested.
    1. RFE (if any)/NOID/Denial
    2. Certified LCA
    3. All college degrees and transcripts.
    4. Resume, or a separate listing of technical skills. This must be in Microsoft Word because it will be used directly in the letter.
    5. Profile of the petitioner's business. This must be in MS Word format because it will be used directly in the letter. 
    6. Detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of the job, preferably with a percentage breakdown for typical day/week plus relating each duty to beneficiary's educational background. You may wish to present this information in a table. This must be in MS Word format because it will be used directly in the letter. 
    7. The exact degree requirement you specified for the post.

    Please do not send PDF files where we specify we need files in MS Word format - we cannot use PDFs, and especially we cannot use tables in PDFs. We can screenshot a PDF if there is no other option, but the result will not be to the standard of presentation we aspire to.

    If you get the documents to us as requested above and complete an order, you will receive the order quickly. If we have to request documents or if they are not all available, we must wait to start the letter.

    Please ensure that all details supplied are accurate and complete before ordering, as there is an additional charge for post-completion revisions that are not due to our error. Also, the amount of time you were told it will take to receive your order once you place it will start when payment is made and ALL documents are received.
  • (Newsletter, previous client, recommended by my attorney, recommended by associate or friend, Google search, AILA website, recommended by school official, or any other way that you found us.)
  • Other Information: Please tell us anything that you consider relevant.
  • Include your desired equivalency -- Your evaluation will be processed with the awareness of your desired equivalency in mind. However, we cannot guarantee the results. The results will always be an honest equivalence to a US degree.
    • This should include the type of degree, such as High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, 3 or 4 years Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctorate
    • A specific field such as Accounting, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry etc.
    1. Submit this form – This form MUST be submitted online for a pre-evaluation to be completed.
    2. Scan your documents.
    3. Email OR Fax your documents to us: Postal mailed documents cannot be pre-evaluated. Put your name exactly as it appears on your education documents in the subject line when sending us the documents.
      • Email to [email protected] -- emailed education documents can ONLY be a PDF or JPG (preferably black and white, otherwise a reduced size). Full sized color scans are just too big to work with. Resumes must be a Word .doc or docx format only. Send your documents as an attachment only. Documents that are embedded in the body of the email cannot be used. Please do not send google docs or dropbox etc., due to security issues.
      • Fax your documents to 1.866.384.6791 with a cover letter:
        • either a printout of this form, or
        • a page including your name, email address, phone number, and the words "PRE EVALUATION."

Please do not hit submit more than once. The form may take a minute or more to send.

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