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Credential Evaluations & Costs

Credential Evaluations & Costs

Standard Fees
Internet Purchase Prices
Document Evaluation

Course by Course Evaluation NOT Required.

This type of evaluation is intended for educational credential evaluations and immigration visas when course lists or equivalencies are not required. If a course-by-course evaluation is required, this type of credential evaluation rarely works. Document evaluations offer degree equivalencies.

Standard Fees for a Single Degree: $170
Standard Fees for 2+ Degrees OR Doctorate/Medical Degree: $230

Course-By-Course Evaluations

Equivilancy Reports

Evaluation services that offer U.S. equivalencies for the courses used to obtain a foreign degree. This transcript evaluation is most useful for further education, military services, licensing boards, or if required for employment. Each course or credential is listed as the U.S. equivalency and corresponds with the U.S. course grade. The GPA is calculated, and the degree equivalency is also included.

Standard Fees for a Single Degree: $235
Standard Fees for Two Degrees: $375
Fees For Each Additional Degree over Two: $125

Professor's Expert

Opinion Letters

  • Each case is different, so please call in advance for prices.
  • If your foreign degree requires evaluation as a US equivalency in a different major or concentration, we are often able to do this. Please contact before ordering so that we can tell you whether it is possible to do.
  • For those who have a foreign diploma issued through a Three-Year Degree program such as those offered in India, South America, Europe, South Africa, etc., we can help with degree equivalencies to a US Bachelor Degree. Visit Please call first so that we can discuss your individual case and advise you properly. Our evaluations are accepted by employers, US Immigration officials, and many universities.
  • If you have any unusual circumstances and need a fresh, personalized approach to your degree, call us so we may see if we can help you.
  • We offer expert opinion letters by professors which will strengthen your case as well. Prices vary based on the amount of research and expertise needed.

Feel free to call us with any questions about special circumstances. We will always tell you if we can help you before we accept your order.

Fees Can Range From $600-$1200+

Work, or Combined Work & Education

For 2+ Degrees Or Doctorate/Medical Degree

  • Expanded evaluation plus expert opinion by a professor experienced in evaluating international credentials.
  • 4-5 Business Day Rush Service, Electronic Copy, Two Hard Copies sent 1st Class Mail of CCI evaluation. Professor’s letter is printed at your end.

These international credentials evaluations follow the immigration visa rules, allowing experts to:

  • Combine work experience to combine with incomplete university work;
  • Use work experience alone with no formal education;
  • Replace university work;
  • Add to a Bachelor Degree to equate to a higher degree.

These foreign credential evaluations work well for H-1B visas. If you are targeting specialty occupations such as programmer analyst, business analyst, SAP roles or other jobs, these evaluations can show your suitability for the position through providing a tailored equivalency.

These evaluations are also often accepted for employment purposes. They have been accepted for admission into graduate (MBA) programs as well. Contact [email protected] for more details about that.

  • Employer’s letters stating dates worked and job responsibilities must be included with your application documents.

Standard Fees: $750

Electronic Copies

Can be used to file with USCIS(INS) - Immigration Visas

For $20, we will create a signed electronic copy that can be used for college and job applications. This allows you (or your employer or attorney) to review the evaluation before we print so that changes can be made at that time.

Our Guarantee: Evaluations are advisory, so there is no evaluation that is accepted 100% of the time. That is why we ask you to check with the receiving office to ensure that they will accept an evaluation from The Degree People. We guarantee to answer any questions that anyone ever has about your degree or evaluation – even 10 years from now. We guarantee to send additional documents, redo your evaluation, and respond to any requests for further evidence. We will always be here to support you.

Avoid the Stress of an RFE, Noid, or Denial

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