Recently, a client came to us with a 3-Year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Secretaryship. He had applied for an EB-3 visa, and required an expert opinion that his degree was in fact the functional equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.Using only the expert opinion of Professor John Kersey, whose evaluations have regularly been approved by the USCIS, we were able to help the client demonstrate that his degree was in fact functionally the same as its U.S. equivalency in Computer Science. This client was directed to us by an experienced immigration attorney who had previously worked successfully with Career Consulting International.Due to the unique nature of every case, CCI cannot guarantee that every outcome will be successful. We do know, however, that we regularly receive reports like this from our clients that their work or immigration visas have been approved, or that RFEs and Denials have been successfully answered. Because we specialize in the toughest cases, we are glad to know when our efforts achieve results. If you have a similar story to share, contact us today!]]>