3-year degree

Case Study: I-140 Approval for 3-year Indian Degrees

U.S. equivalency of a four-year Bachelor Degree. With the evaluation report and an expert opinion by Professor John Kersey, Mr. K’s attorney immediately filed a motion to reopen his case. The client’s I-140 was subsequently approved. Our client had the following advice to offer other persons in the same situation: Apply for MTR/Appeal within 30 days from the date of rejection(please be strict with this time line, even a day delayed will take the case to AAO, which takes like 15 months for a decision, and the decision will mostly likely be negative if you go to AAO). 2. Do NOT send evaluation from two evaluators, I have heard from my lawyer that those cases have been denied stating the reason that evaluations are not exactly similar. 3. Have a Subject by Subject evaluation to prove that you have at least 120 credits (equivalent of US Bachelor Degree). This worked well for our client!]]>

Case Study: 3-Year degree in Commerce from India

CCI responded to another client who received an RFE through the Nebraska Service Center. The RFE indicated a strong potential for the denial of the client’s EB-3 Visa. The grounds indicated in the RFE were that the foreign degree in commerce was not the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. The client wrote back to thank the agency for the excellent evaluation and extensive documentation in support of the three-year degree. He also received approval for his EB-3 Visa. Expert opinions that demonstrate the educational equivalency of the 3-year degree require a lot of research and can be expensive. This is because the process of showing that these foreign education credentials are equivalent requires extensive evidence. The responses of our clients, however, show a high degree of success, so we know that what we’re doing works. If you’ve received a denial or RFE, contact CCI with your information and let us tell you whether we can help. That’s why we’re here.]]>

How Many Years Equals a Bachelor’s Degree

http://www.thedegreepeople.com/services/3-year-degree/. However if you are coming in from another country there is a good deal of controversy with many universities, educators and evaluators saying a bachelor’s degree is eqivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Certainly the UNESCO guidelines – which are legally binding – state that. However this is no guarantee that your non-US bachelor’s degree, even one that represents far more study hours than a US bachelor’s degree will be considered equivalent. While we as American’s seem to think we are the “gold standard” for world education looking at transcripts knows that many foreign degree holders have worked much harder than their conterparts in the US. For an interesting look at the Indian 3-Year Degree see http://www.thedegreepeople.com/services/3-year-degree/.]]>

Discrimination Against Indian Graduates: Most Indian Bachelor’s Degrees Don’t Get the Respect they Deserve in the US – Here is Why They Should

In July the US Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri said “The United States wants more Indian students in its universities.” This will happen until more universities fully understand the Indian education system. (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 17, 2009 ) Mumbai, India – US Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri addressed students at the Techno India Institute telling them to come to the US for graduate studies. But according to By Dr. R.Venkatachalam, former professor of psychology at Bharathiar University, India, it is not the Indian students he must address it is the US admissions officers who are not fully accepting foreign credential evaluations showing that the three year degree from India is equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree In the recent past, a growing number of American universities have started accepting Indian three-year degrees, at least in principle, as equivalent to American four-year degrees. This was revealed in a survey by John Kersey, Ph.D., Amos Bronson Alcott Center for Educational Research at European-American University http://www.thedegree.org/ and Sheila Danzig, Ph.D., Career Consulting International www.TheDegreePeople.com/ This piecemeal acceptance is far from satisfactory and does not effectively remove the discrimination Indian three year graduates are subjected to. http://www.emailwire.com/doc/three-year-indian-degree.pdf]]>

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