CCI responded to another client who received an RFE through the Nebraska Service Center. The RFE indicated a strong potential for the denial of the client’s EB-3 Visa. The grounds indicated in the RFE were that the foreign degree in commerce was not the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.The client wrote back to thank the agency for the excellent evaluation and extensive documentation in support of the three-year degree. He also received approval for his EB-3 Visa. Expert opinions that demonstrate the educational equivalency of the 3-year degree require a lot of research and can be expensive. This is because the process of showing that these foreign education credentials are equivalent requires extensive evidence. The responses of our clients, however, show a high degree of success, so we know that what we’re doing works.If you’ve received a denial or RFE, contact CCI with your information and let us tell you whether we can help. That’s why we’re here.]]>