U.S. equivalency of a four-year Bachelor Degree. With the evaluation report and an expert opinion by Professor John Kersey, Mr. K’s attorney immediately filed a motion to reopen his case.The client’s I-140 was subsequently approved. Our client had the following advice to offer other persons in the same situation:Apply for MTR/Appeal within 30 days from the date of rejection(please be strict with this time line, even a day delayed will take the case to AAO, which takes like 15 months for a decision, and the decision will mostly likely be negative if you go to AAO).2. Do NOT send evaluation from two evaluators, I have heard from my lawyer that those cases have been denied stating the reason that evaluations are not exactly similar.3. Have a Subject by Subject evaluation to prove that you have at least 120 credits (equivalent of US Bachelor Degree).This worked well for our client!]]>