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The Secret to Successfully Answering an H-1B Nightmare RFE

May 11, 2020

The notorious Nightmare RFE has been becoming more and more commonplace over the past few years as USCIS has been caught arbitrarily not approving H-1B visa petitions.  These RFEs find issue with virtually everything about the petition – the job, the education, the employer-employee relationship, the wage level, and sometimes even more.  By its own […]

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Answer a Specialty Occupation RFE in Two Steps

Apr 30, 2020

USCIS has been illegally denying and issuing RFEs for H-1B visa petitions for jobs that actually do meet specialty occupation criteria.  Earlier this year, three federal judges overturned USCIS decisions to reject visas based on specialty occupation issues that were actually fabricated from their own “arbitrary and capricious” adjudication. Here’s the issue: To qualify as […]

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H-1B RFEs are Here and So are We!

Apr 20, 2020

H-1B beneficiaries selected in the lottery for cap-subject visas have been notified!  If you, or if your employee or client was selected, you have 90 days from notification to file the completed H-1B petition.  When it comes to USCIS, 90 days is shorter than you think, especially with record numbers of RFEs, second and third […]

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Federal Judges Determine USCIS has been “Arbitrarily and Capriciously” Denying H-1B Visas

Apr 16, 2020

While the rate of RFE responses to H-1B visa petitions has skyrocketed since 2015, the Denial rate spiked from 6% for FY2015 to 21% in FY2019.  At CCI, we work with difficult cases, RFEs, and Denials every year, and in those years, we saw jobs that had never run into issues before suddenly being […]

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We’re Still Here: Free 72 Hour Rush Delivery from CCI for all of April

Apr 7, 2020

At CCI, we know that visa application and school admission applications obligations don’t just pause with the COVID-19 crisis.  We understand what is on the line for the people we serve, and so WE’RE STILL HERE! All of our staff is working remotely from home, fully operational.  We are also keeping up to date […]

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FY2021 H-1B Lottery Complete: What YOU Need To Do Next

Mar 28, 2020

USCIS accepted electronic submissions for cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY2021 March 1st through 20th 2020.  More than enough applications were filed electronically to meet the annual cap, sending the process to a randomized electronic lottery.  The lottery is now complete, and those selected will be notified by March 31st, 2020, USCIS says. You can check […]

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Aspiring for H-1B Jobs in the USA? Know About the RFE First!

Mar 28, 2020

Guest Blog by Eric Lyons Being the most sought-after visa to enter the United States of America, an H1B visa is difficult to get. Applicants for H1B jobs in USA (beneficiaries of H1B visa petitions) can either be living in the USA or outside the USA at the time of filing of the petition. Even […]

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USCIS Allows RFE and NOID Respondents 60-Day Extension Due to COVID-19

Mar 27, 2020

Today, Friday March 27, USCIS announced that any applicants responding to RFEs or NOIDs between March 1st and May 1st of 2020 will have until 60 calendar days FOLLOWING their given response deadlines to submit.  “USCIS is adopting several measures to protect our workforce and community, and to minimize the immigration consequences for those seeking […]

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CCI Waives Expert Letter and Evaluation Rush Delivery Fees for the Month of March

Mar 24, 2020

Even though USCIS is suspending premium processing due to COVID-19, we are not!  At CCI, we are operating with a FULL STAFF remotely and continue to honor our rush delivery schedules. We anticipate USCIS will take longer than usual to turn visa approvals around.  This means it is more important than ever to get […]

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