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A Year in Immigration News: Looking Back on 2021

Dec 28, 2021

This past year has seen some monumental shifts in education and work-based immigration.  As we bring in the New Year, it is important to acknowledge the peculiarities of this year in the world of immigration, and to celebrate the victories we have had in the world of visa approval and immigration reform. The number of […]

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Case Study: the RIGHT Expert and Expert Opinion Letter for H-1B Approval

Dec 7, 2021

Since 2017, specialty occupation H-1B RFEs have become commonplace even for occupations that had never before run into trouble.  Here is why: In terms of H-1B eligibility, the beneficiary must work in a specialty occupation and so the burden of proof is on the petitioner to show that the H-1B job meets one of the […]

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Case Study: Second Round H-1B Specialty Occupation RFE Overturned

Dec 1, 2021

At CCI we work with difficult cases every year.  It is not uncommon for one RFE to trigger another, leading to as many as three rounds of RFEs before the H-1B visa is approved.  In this case, our client came to us with their second RFE.  The first was for a wage level issue, […]

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How to Check Your H-1B Case Status with USCIS

Nov 17, 2021

Unsure of your H-1B petition status?  Does it seem like processing time is dragging?  Has your address or other contact information changed since the time of filing leave you concerned that maybe you missed something?  You can get peace of mind by checking your case status online through the USCIS Case Status Online portal. Here […]

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H-1B RFE Alert: What to do if the degree does not match the job

Nov 8, 2021

One recurring education issue facing H-1B beneficiaries is when they have the required degree but in a field that is not an exact match for the H-1B job.  H-1B eligibility requirements state that the beneficiary must hold a minimum of a US bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a field related to the H-1B job.  […]

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Beat Complex H-1B RFEs and Get to Work on Time

Nov 5, 2021

While the rate of H-1B RFEs has dropped, applicants selected in the second round of this year’s H-1B lottery are seeing a rise in the RFEs instead of outright visa approval.  The start of FY 2022 has come and gone, and RFEs further delay employee start dates, especially if round two arrives. At CCI […]

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H-1B Denial Rates Plummet for 2021 First & Second Quarters

Oct 19, 2021

The numbers are in!  The National Foundation for American Policy reports that the Denial rate for new H-1B petitions for the first two quarters of 2021 is 7.1%.  This is down from 28.6% for the first two quarters of 2020.  However, this does NOT mean we can relax.  USCIS approval trends are still far stricter […]

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H-1B Options for Beneficiaries with the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree

Oct 12, 2021

For nearly the past decade, H-1B beneficiaries who earned their degree outside of the United States in an educational system with a three-year bachelor’s degree program have run into trouble.  Those holding Indian three-year bachelor’s degrees are hit the hardest and most consistently.  Even though there are equal if not more classroom contact hours in […]

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Specialty Occupation + Wage Level: How to Beat the Double H-1B RFE

Oct 6, 2021

This year, the H-1B lottery held two rounds to fill all 85,000 visa slots, regular and advanced degree caps.  That means those selected in round two are knee-deep in RFE season.  The Double RFE, which takes issue with both the occupation and the wage level is common amongst complex RFEs and is based on two […]

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