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Airtight H-1B Petition Checklist

Apr 26, 2022

It’s time for those selected in the H-1B lottery to file complete petitions.  An airtight petition will prevent any RFEs or other adjudication hang-ups standing between your employee and their start date.  Before you file, go through this checklist to make sure any potential weaknesses in your case are addressed: Double-check all documents to make […]

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Case Study: H-1B Double RFE – Overturned!

Apr 19, 2022

For those selected in the H-1B lottery, it is time to start filing completed petitions.  That means it is time to anticipate likely hurdles to outright approval based on USCIS adjudication trends. One common complex RFE we have been seeing over the past few years is the Double RFE.  We expect this one to be […]

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H-1B Lottery Selections Have Been Notified – Now What?

Apr 1, 2022

USCIS announced that on March 29, 2022 the H-1B lottery for cap-subject annual visas was complete and those selected had been notified.  Petitioners selected have 90 days from notification to file complete H-1B petitions.  If your registration, or if your employee or client’s registration was selected, there is no time to waste.  While denial rates […]

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FY2023 H-1B Lottery: What to do while we wait

Mar 22, 2022

The period for electronic registration for H-1B visas for FY2023 closed on March 18th.  With the annual cap of 65,000 regular visas and 20,000 additional advanced degree visas met, USCIS now conducts a randomized lottery and those selected will be notified starting March 31st.  Those selected will be invited to file complete H-1B petitions. We […]

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H-1B Electronic Registration Open Until March 18th

Mar 11, 2022

USCIS began accepting cap-subject H-1B electronic registrations on March 1st and will continue to accept them until March 18th.  In this time, petitioners planning to sponsor H-1B employees for FY2022 can submit one electronic registration per employee for a fee of $10 through the myUSCIS online portal.  Those selected to submit complete petitions will be […]

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Does the Case Qualify for the H-1B Master’s Cap?

Mar 1, 2022

H-1B cap-subject registration season for FY2023 is open and runs through noon Eastern Time on March 18th.  During this time period, petitioners can register beneficiaries electronically through the myUSCIS portal for $10/registration.  The number of registrations submitted is virtually guaranteed to exceed the allotted annual H-1B visas available, in which case there will be a […]

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H-1B Registration Opens in ONE WEEK!

Feb 22, 2022

The countdown has begun.  H-1B registration opens at noon Eastern Time on March 1, 2021 and runs through March 18th at noon Eastern Time.  FY2023 petitioners must file separate registrations for each H-1B employee through the myUSCIS online registration system for a fee of $10 per beneficiary.  If the H-1B cap is met by March […]

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Prevent H-1B Education Issues with the RIGHT Credential Evaluation Agency

Feb 12, 2022

Education issues is a perennial RFE trigger for H-1B beneficiaries.  If the beneficiary’s education is ANYTHING EXCEPT a bachelor’s degree or higher in the exact field of the H-1B job from an accredited US college or university, outright approval is unlikely without including a credential evaluation.  This evaluation must be written uniquely for the situation […]

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Case Study: Nightmare H-1B RFE Overturned!

Feb 3, 2022

Complex H-1B RFEs are not new, and they are not going away.  When USCIS finds one issue with a petition it triggers a closer look to find more – even if there aren’t any there!  That is how too many petitioners end up with multi-issue RFEs.  The Nightmare RFE dredges up so many issues that […]

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