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Important H-1B Lottery Online Registration Information

Feb 17, 2021

Last year, USCIS implemented an online registration process for H-1B cap-subject petitioners to streamline the process.  Applicants register online BEFORE the lottery and if selected, then they have 90 days to file a completed H-1B petition.  This process will be repeated this year for FY2022 applicants and is likely to become the new normal.  Here […]

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USCIS Starts Accepting H-1B Online Registration MARCH 9TH!

Feb 9, 2021

Get your ten bucks out H-1B petitioners, because USCIS opens its online cap-subject H-1B registration portal on March 9th at noon Eastern Time.  Petitioners will be able to file electronically to be eligible for the H-1B lottery until March 25th at noon Eastern Time.  Petitioners selected will be notified beginning March 31st and the following […]

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How to Prevent Education RFEs this H-1B Filing Season

Feb 2, 2021

USCIS begins accepting electronic applications for H-1B cap-subject petitions NEXT MONTH.  Even though applicants do not file a completed petition until having been selected in the lottery, it is time to identify potential case weaknesses and how to fortify them before you file.  A common and persistent issue H-1B applicants run into every year occurs […]

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How to Prepare for H-1B Cap-Subject Filing Season

Jan 30, 2021

It’s nearly February, and that means the electronic application for H-1B cap-subject submissions is coming right up.  At the same time, the Biden Administration’s Chief of Staff Ronald A. Klain instituted a regulatory freeze through a memorandum.  That means Final Interim Rules restricting the employer-employee relationship and specialty occupation requirements and changing the selection process […]

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3 Insider Tips to Answering Difficult H-1B RFEs

Jan 19, 2021

When USCIS finds one problem with an H-1B RFE, they tend to find more because it triggers a scrutiny of the case.  In recent years, difficult RFEs that raise two or more issues have become more and more common, including the Triple Threat RFE and the classic Nightmare RFE.  These RFEs are virtually impossible to […]

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What Goes into the RIGHT Expert Opinion Letter?

Jan 14, 2021

Expert opinion letters have proven the most effective strategy to prevent and answer specialty occupation and wage level H-1B RFEs.  However, USCIS will not accept just any expert opinion letter as credible.  What goes into the RIGHT expert opinion letter requires the right kind of expert and as much information as the petitioner can provide […]

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Two Changes for 2021 Cap-Subject H-1B Filing Season You Need to Know About

Jan 8, 2021

Last year, USCIS introduced the electronic filing process where H-1B petitioners file a short, electronic application with basic information about the business and the beneficiaries along with a $10 fee.  If selected, the petitioner would have 90 days to complete and submit the full petition.  This process will continue this year and expected to be […]

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How to Prevent Difficult RFEs this H-1B Filing Season

Dec 29, 2020

With new rules going into effect that may or may not last until the H-1B cap-subject filing season, it is more important than ever for H-1B applicants to take precautionary measures to prevent RFEs. Over the past few years, we have seen up to three rounds of RFEs before visa approval.  This has caused H-1B […]

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3 H-1B Circumstances that REQUIRE a Credential Evaluation

Dec 22, 2020

The easiest way to address an education RFE is to avoid one in the first place.  If you are, or if your employee or client is applying for H-1B visa status, here are three circumstances in which an credential evaluation is essential to preempt any education issues on the road to visa approval: 1. Three-Year […]

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