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Success Stories: RFE Overturned With

In the realm of U.S. immigration, encountering a Request for Evidence (RFE) can significantly halt or complicate the visa application process. RFEs challenge applicants to provide additional documentation or clarification to support their eligibility. However, with the expertise and guidance of, many have successfully overturned their RFEs, transforming potential setbacks into triumphant steps forward in their immigration journey.

The Challenge of an RFE
An RFE is not merely a request for more information but a critical juncture that demands a strategic and informed response. It tests the applicant’s ability to substantiate their qualifications and intentions. This is where the profound knowledge and experience of The Degree People become invaluable. Specializing in credential evaluations and expert opinion letters, they have mastered the art of addressing and satisfying USCIS’s stringent requirements.

A Beacon of Hope
Among the numerous success stories facilitated by, one narrative stands out. An H-1B applicant faced an RFE questioning the relevance of their foreign degree to the proposed job position. The situation seemed dire, as the degree’s field of study did not directly match the job’s requirements. The Degree People conducted a detailed evaluation, emphasizing the coursework and practical experience that directly correlated to the job duties. Their comprehensive approach and persuasive presentation of evidence led to the RFE being overturned.

Expertise That Makes a Difference
The Degree People’s team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of immigration policies and educational equivalency. They employ a personalized approach for each case, ensuring that the evaluation and documentation precisely meet the USCIS criteria. This meticulous attention to detail and dedication to success set them apart and make them a trusted ally in overcoming the challenges posed by RFEs.

The Power of Collaboration
Collaboration between applicants, their employers, and The Degree People is crucial for success. This synergy ensures that every response is robust, leaving no room for doubt in the USCIS’s evaluation. It’s the strategic insights and tailored evaluations from The Degree People that often turn the tide in favor of the applicant, as seen in numerous cases where seemingly insurmountable RFEs were successfully overturned.

Navigating the complexities of RFEs requires more than just additional documentation; it requires the expertise and strategic planning that excels in. Their success stories serve as a testament to their effectiveness in overturning RFEs, offering hope and practical solutions to those facing this daunting hurdle.

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About Sheila Danzig

Sheila Danzig, the director of CCI, excels in resolving RFEs and denials for work visas, specializing in educational and employment visa challenges.

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