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Legal Avenues to Work in the US

Based on NAFTA some Canadian and Mexican citizens qualify to work in the US on a temporary nonimmigrant basis. The TN Visa is available to them. (EMAILWIRE.COM, November 17, 2009 ) Sunrise, FL On the basis of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), some Canadian and Mexican citizens qualify to work in the United States on a temporary basis under nonimmigrant TN status. Given below are the terms and conditions that must be satisfied in order to become eligible for the TN Visa: • The occupation should be on the NAFTA list. • The foreign national must hold the required academic or training record for a specific occupation. • The applicant’s proposed position must fall under the category of professional positions. • It is mandatory for the applicant to work for a U.S. employer. In the case of Canadian citizens, there’s no need for filing a petition for employment. All that needs to be done is to simply acquire TN status at a port of entry. On the other hand, applicants from Mexico must submit application at the U.S. consulate in Mexico. In addition to the degrees, diplomas, or any kind of educational credentialsgranted by any foreign educational institution, the applicant must submit a foreign credential evaluation report prepared by a specialized credential evaluation service. One firm offering this credential evaluation service for the TN Visa This foreign degree evaluation must be secured prior to crossin the border.]]>

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