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Foreign Students Dream of Coming to US

Foreign students dream of coming to US and need temporary visas under the Student Exchange and Visitor Program. (EMAILWIRE.COM, October 02, 2009 ) Fort Lauderdale, FL – A number of students from all around the world have this dream of completing higher studies from reputed institutes in the United States. And to fulfill their dreams, students with foreign credentials apply to obtain student visas. Several agencies like the Career Consulting International,, offer credential evaluation services and the students after getting their diplomas/certificates assessed, get enrollment in the university or college. Normally, students who are enrolled in the American institutes, having the temporary visas are categorized under the Student Exchange and Visitor Program database. For such students, it is the responsibility of the colleges and universities to inform the relevant authorities about the students’ enrollment status. Moreover, the educational qualifications along with the grade point averages (GPAs) are thoroughly examined through the database. Schools that are unable to specify this data don’t comply with the terms and conditions set by the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS. There are some foreign students who try to get themselves enrolled in college degree programs without even earning a proper visa. So, what goes for them? Firstly, the university isn’t responsible to confirm whether a student has entered the United States with a documented visa status or not. In case, it comes to the knowledge of the school officials that any student does not hold a documentedimmigration visa, the staff isn’t responsible to inform the Department of Homeland Security about this issue. It is actually the responsibility of the student to abide by the rules and regulations established by the American government. Now, if a student is staying in the United States illegally, the government has the authority to deport him anytime, the officials discover the truth. Usually, such students are not allowed to re-enter the U.S. in the future as well, once they’ve been deported. Therefore, to avoid such problems and to continue education without any tension of being caught, foreign students are appreciated to obtain a legal immigrant visa before the commencement of college studies in the U.S. Although this can be a difficult or time-consuming procedure, opting for it is a thousand times better than having it the illegal way. Besides, if a student seeks the assistance of foreign credential evaluation agencies and immigration attorneys, the overall process can be made much simpler and easier. Once, a student decides to immigrate to U.S. for further education, contacting a foreign credential evaluation agency with a good standing, should be his very first step. The sole aim of such organizations is to prepare evaluation reports, indicating a student’s present level of education, in addition to the U.S. equivalency for the student’s foreign qualifications. In this way, a student’s time is saved and he doesn’t have to repeat the same classes again. Often, people are unaware of the fact that a majority of colleges and institutes in the U.S. even require evaluation reports for the overseas high school diplomas. It’s a fact that most of the overseas countries have satisfactory standards for secondary education, when it comes to the comparison with the U.S. credentials, but there still are some countries where the educational standards aren’t up to the mark. In some countries, high school diplomas are awarded in specific fields or at different levels and students holding these diplomas don’t qualify for admission in certain university departments. So, if a foreign student wants to successfully qualify for admission in reputed American universities, taking the most appropriate step towards getting theinternational credentials evaluated is extremely important. A student must satisfy all the requirements to immigrate to U.S. on legal grounds. Remember, if things are done in the legal way, a foreigner has greater chances of successfully completing graduation from an American institute.]]>

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