What is the Need for Foreign Credential Evaluations?

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What is the Need for Foreign Credential Evaluations?

When you move to the US, you want to be able to work in the field you are qualified for, continue your education if you chose and meet the Visa (I140, H1B etc.) education requirements of USCIS (the dept. of immigration). You need to insure that your degree and prior education is accepted in the US. There is no reason to start over. You will need a foreign credential evaluation agency. This is how you find out what your foreign degree is equivalent to in the US.

Only a foreign credential evaluation agency expert can show what you education is equivalent to in the US. The reports they provide can help you to deal with immigration issues, continue your education, find employment in the US, and acquire the equivalent degree in the US. For example, some three year degrees from other countries may or may not translate into four year degrees in the US depending on how it is looked at. That may help you land the job you want, or apply for a Master’s degree.

Academic evaluation is not a one time event, so don’t settle for an evaluation company that provides a report and then forgets about you. You will want support in the weeks and years to come in case any questions arise in the future as to the validity of your credentials. Career Counseling International,www.TheDegreePeople.com, provides such support, and you can have an initial consultation for free and learn more about this vital service and what it will do for you. Consultations are available online. There is also a toll free number that you can use any time of the day or night.

Do not shy away from using this helpful service simply because you have a difficult case. That is the time to ask for help. You need the assistance of people in the know, who have experience in helping qualified individuals like yourself, get what they deserve.

Don’t allow a change in location to set your career back years. Your education and experience count, and having it evaluated is the best way to ensure that you can go right back to earning the type of living you are accustomed to. The correct experts can be your ally and attaining that goal.

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