www.TheDegreePeople.com/) urge that further investigation of the facts must be done before asking Congress to act on this matter. The leading H-1B users got 40,170 H-1B visas during the financial year of 2012 and applied only for 1,167 green cards, which were based on their particular jobs. These kinds of visas let immigrants to initiate their own firms that would definitely result in the creation of US job opportunities and eventually wealth. It is important to understand that the Green Card process is very long and slow and the difference in numbers are caused by many different factors such as retrogression and the EB2 education requirements. Apter stated that any kind of scheme, which is related to enhancement in the skilled immigration, has to be based on green cards. CCI agrees that the Green Card process must be streamlined so that there is a clear path from the H1b to the Green Card.]]>