H1B Approval After “Nightmare” RFE

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H1B Approval After “Nightmare” RFE

Two weeks ago, we received word from an attorney that another H1B RFE had been successfully answered, and the client’s case had been approved. The client had submitted her credentials for a nursing degree, as well as an evaluation from another agency, and USCIS found cause to issue an RFE – a request for information.

With an expert onion letter and an evaluation, Dr. Danzig and Professor Kersey were able to offer the client’s attorney evidence that the client did indeed have the required credentials. The Bachelor’s Degree was demonstrated as equivalent to a US Bachelor Degree in Nursing, and the attorney went on to answer the other queries submitted by USCIS in the brief.

This year, many clients have submitted RFEs from USCIS that are difficult and challenging to answer. Attorneys with whom the agency works have also indicated receiving a higher number of these difficult RFEs this year than in years past. Responses from our clients and their attorneys, though, have indicated we’ve been able to help the vast majority of those persons for whom we have issued evaluations.

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