AILA released some disturbing news that warned immigration attorneys and foreign degree evaluation agency that all three-year degrees were at risk for denial for I-140 visa applications. As a result, Career Consulting International (CCI) has worked hard to uncover evidence and demonstrate that three-year bachelor degrees are the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree. For this reason, the agency receives numerous inquiries from attorneys, businesses, and persons with 3-year degrees about answering RFEs and denial notices. Most of the time, our clients are happy to update us about their outcomes. We recently received this update from one of our clients:Hi All , Today I got my I140 approval from TSC [Texas Service Center] after responding to RFE on 3 year degree. I discussed the issue before applying for I140 with my attorney by reading the experiences from many others. [My attorney] said he would send for an evaluation if I got an RFE. Then, I did get an RFE saying my 3 year degree is not equal to US BS degree. So I contacted Sheila Danzig for my evaluation. She answered my email questions. I paid the money and sent all docs required.Luckily, I spoke to Sheila on the day before my RFE deadline. I spoke to her in the middle of the night and she is so good. She sent my evaluation docs next day by express courier. I am not a person who works for Sheila; this is my experience with my I140 RFE and Sheila. I want to tell you all that, when I spoke to Sheila she said the possibility of success is above 90% (at that time in TSC).Though Sheila’s Evaluation is expensive I have chosen her agency because I do not see any others who have communicated to us for several years on this issue. After I searched all the [immigration] forums I firmly decided to go with Sheila. By God’s grace my case is approved today. I am writing today for the benefit of people whose cases can be like mine.]]>