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How Many Years Equals a Bachelor’s Degree if you are coming in from another country there is a good deal of controversy with many universities, educators and evaluators saying a bachelor’s degree is eqivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Certainly the UNESCO guidelines – which are legally binding – state that. However this is no guarantee that your non-US bachelor’s degree, even one that represents far more study hours than a US bachelor’s degree will be considered equivalent. While we as American’s seem to think we are the “gold standard” for world education looking at transcripts knows that many foreign degree holders have worked much harder than their conterparts in the US. For an interesting look at the Indian 3-Year Degree see]]>

Employment from Abroad: Getting an H1-B Visa

USCIS website.In order to demonstrate that their foreign degrees or diplomas are equal to a U.S. degree, most workers are required to obtain an equivalency evaluation from a foreign credentials evaluation agency, such as Career Consulting International. This is particularly true for individuals from countries such as India, Pakistan, and some European Countries who hold 3-year degrees. These credential evaluations are also used for other purposes such as education and immigration, in the event that a person desires to apply for permanent resident status.Generally, people who hold H1-B visas are allowed to remain in this country for three years after obtaining the visa. These visas can be renewed one time, and allow a person to remain in the U.S. as a temporary worker for up to six years total. Individuals interested in staying longer or becoming permanent residents should consider applying for I-140 status instead.]]>

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