Complex RFEs are a perennial issue facing H-1B applicants.  With the New Year right around the corner, it’s time for H-1B beneficiaries and their sponsors to start to work out the logistics of their cases.  This should include strategies to prevent complex RFEs. These occur when USCIS sees one red flag in a petition which triggers a scrutiny of the case that can snowball into problems across eligibility requirement areas.

At CCI The we work with complex RFEs every year, including the Nightmare RFE.  This RFE is an honest nightmare, calling all areas of eligibility into question.  It is virtually impossible to answer in the given timeframe by following its own instructions.  Every year, we get these RFEs overturned with over 90% consistency.

Here’s how:

We read through the RFE, then put it down and go back to the original eligibility requirements while taking USCIS approval trends into consideration. 

We work with our clients to help them collet supporting evidence and documentation regarding specialty occupation, wage level, and the employer-employee relationship.  Employer-employee relationship issues have become prominent H-1B hang-ups for consultants that work on a per-project basis or perform a significant amount of their work at third-party worksites.

In our response, we always include an expert opinion letter that addresses specialty occupation and wage level issues.  We always include a detailed credential evaluation that fills in any gaps between the education the H-1B beneficiary has an a US bachelor’s degree or higher in the exact field of the H-1B job.  This often includes a progressive work experience conversion in which three years of progressive work experience in the field of the H-1B job can be converted into the equivalent of one year of college credit in the major or the H-1B field. 

The best way to beat a Nightmare RFE is to prevent it.  All of our steps to answering this RFE can be taken when filing the initial petition to prevent the Nightmare RFE.  We are here to help in your case development process.  We can help you identify any potential red flags in your petition and strategize to include additional evidence and documentation to fill in any gaps in your case before you file.

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Sheila Danzig

Sheila Danzig is the director of CCI  Sheila specializes in overturning RFEs and Denials for work visas.

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