Expert opinion letters have proven the most effective strategy to prevent and answer specialty occupation and wage level H-1B RFEs.  However, USCIS will not accept just any expert opinion letter as credible.  What goes into the RIGHT expert opinion letter requires the right kind of expert and as much information as the petitioner can provide them.

Choose the RIGHT Expert

USCIS will only give weight to expert opinion letters written by those who have extensive experience working in the field of the H-1B job.  Instructors without field experience will not cut it.  The expert should have recognition in the field and have held positions of leadership wherein they had to make hiring decisions regarding the H-1B position in question and supporting positions.  This gives credibility to their opinion about the minimum qualifications necessary to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of the position, and about how wage levels for the position are set. 

Give the Expert the Information Needed to Write the RIGHT Letter

Once you find the right expert to write the opinion letter, the letter itself will only be as good as the information you provide.  This means providing information about the employer, a detailed breakdown of the duties and responsibilities of the H-1B position, past hiring practices, and the beneficiary’s educational background.  The more information you can provide the expert the better the opinion letter will be.  The expert needs to be able to explain how the wage level was set, and how specialized skills learned through the indicated degree program apply to the precise duties and responsibilities of the H-1B job.

At CCI we work with the RIGHT kind of experts in all H-1B fields.  We can help you gather the evidence and documentation needed for a strong expert opinion letter and identify areas of weakness in your case to address.

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Sheila Danzig

Sheila Danzig is the director of CCI  Sheila specializes in overturning RFEs and Denials for work visas.

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