Over the past few years of Specialty Occupation RFEs, at CCI TheDegreePeople.com we have found that the most successful means of preventing and answering these RFEs is with an expert opinion letter. 

Understanding what the finished product looks like is helpful to understanding what you need to find and provide on the front end.  You need to find the right expert and provide the right information for said expert to write a thorough opinion letter.

When you get the opinion letter, it will include these aspects as written and analyzed by the expert:

–  A detailed breakdown of the position’s requirements, including experience and training in specialized areas, methods and technologies associated with the attainment of a US bachelor’s degree or higher.

–  A detailed breakdown of the job’s duties and responsibilities that highlight specialized training and knowledge, and how it is applied theoretically.

–  A detailed breakdown of the nature of the employer.

–  The minimum degree requirement for the proffered position and the minimum degree requirements for similar jobs, and related jobs and titles analyzed alongside USCIS specialty occupation eligibility requirements.

–  The O’Net Job Zone for the proffered position

–  A detailed list of the specific duties of the H-1B job and associated prerequisites to be able to perform these duties.

–  An ‘Authority to Write the Opinion Letter’ section which details the resume and credentials of the expert to show USCIS that their opinion holds authority and weight in the overall decision of whether or not to approve the H-1B visa. 

This expert opinion letter may also be written to include sections and information to address the issues of the employer-employee relationship, and of the wage level.  At CCI TheDegreePeople.com, our experts work all three issues into one letter to prevent RFEs relating to any of these common issues, and to address complex RFEs without needing separate letters and responses to each issue.  Don’t take the chance of submitting an H-1B petition this year without an expert opinion letter that addresses a range of possible RFE and Denial triggers. 

For a free review of your case, visit ccifree.com/.  We will get back to you in 48 hours or less.

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