Expert opinion letters have meant the difference between rejection and approval since USCIS adjudication practices surrounding various aspects of H-1B eligibility have changed.

An expert opinion letter can address wage level issues, specialty occupation issues, and employer-employee relationship issues, and your expert opinion letter ought to address all three in one.  However, even the right expert opinion letter, backed up with detailed evidence and documentation will fail if it is not written by the right expert.

In an expert opinion letter, the expert must prove their authority and credibility twice: first, in the section “Authority to Write the Opinion Letter,” and second with a detailed resume highlighting their credentials and extensive experience in the industry of the H-1B job.

The first thing to know about the RIGHT expert is that this person is NOT an instructor in the field.  A professor is great if you need college credit granted for work experience to address an education issue in an RFE or Denial, but not so much if you need an expert opinion letter, which chances are you do. 

The second think to know about the RIGHT expert is that they have over a decade (preferably over TWO decades) of experience working in the full range of the industry, have in-depth understanding of the skills, knowledgebase, methodologies, and technologies involved in the industry, and now have extensive experience in a role of leadership, supervision, and authority.  This breadth of experience shows that they understand the necessary requisite skills required of a new hire to perform the duties of a given position, within the context of the company and the industry at large.  The right expert understands what recruiters are looking for when they hire to the position in question, and are familiar with the responsibilities and functions of the position in question because they have worked in that position themselves, worked closely with those hired to that position, or have been an employer hiring for that position. 

With these qualifications thoroughly explained in the “Authority to Write the Opinion Letter” section, reinforced by a detailed resume at the end of the letter, USCIS will have the evidence they need to deem this expert credible and give weight to the opinion letter.  Remember, the expert opinion letter is not just about USCIS approving of the job and the beneficiary, but also about USCIS recognizing the authority and credibility of the expert to make an authoritative decision about whether or not the position in question meets the criteria for specialty occupation, whether the tasks, responsibilities, and duties of the job are in line with the job title and wage level indicated by the petitioner, whether the job in question constitutes and employer-employee relationship, and other aspects of the position and industry that may have been called into question in the Denial or RFE.

At CCI, we work with the RIGHT experts in all H-1B industries.  We provide one letter that covers all areas of issue in an H-1B petition, and we offer rush delivery options to meet the demands of H-1B RFE season.

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