When USCIS finds a problem with your petition, or with your client or employee’s H-1B petition, more and more often they are finding something wrong with your response.  The second round of H-1B RFEs hit H-1B hopefuls harder than ever and like a ton of bricks last H-1B season, and this year is equally bad.

At CCI TheDegreePeople.com, we were able to answer the first round of RFEs with an above 90% success rate, preempting the second round of RFEs with our answer to the first. 

Here’s how:

When we review your case, or your employee or client’s case, we go back to the basics and see where evidence may be lacking in the areas of H-1B qualification.  We advise to address all these areas in the first response.  One common example of this is when a client comes to us with a double RFE for specialty occupation and wage level, but their education also raises questions.  Sometimes the degree is not an exact match for the job, or the degree was earned outside of the US.  Even if this is not on the initial RFE, it is likely to appear in the second round, especially if the justification for the position being a specialty occupation emphasizes the need for a specialized degree. 

We answer this RFE with an expert opinion letter from an expert in the field of the H-1B job who has extensive field experience.  This letter addresses both the specialty occupation issue, and the wage level issue.  Second, we write a credential evaluation that takes into consideration H-1B education requirements and the field of the H-1B job, to prove the beneficiary has the equivalency of the necessary degree in the exact field of the specialty occupation.  This may include emphasizing specific courses taken, converting years of progressive work experience in the field into years of college credit in the field of the H-1B job, and citing applicable USCIS precedent decisions.  This kind of approach works for a broad range of H-1B RFE situations.

Don’t wait for the second round of RFEs to fortify your case, or your employee or client’s case.  Visit ccifree.com/ for a free review of your case and consultation. 

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