Not even six years ago only 4% of H1B applications received an RFE. Today, over one in every four petitions are met with an RFE. These visas are in higher demand than ever before and rates of RFEs are higher than ever as well. One of the main reasons for this spike is that educational standards for H1B status have tightened.

H1B visa status is for foreign workers holding specialty occupations. The term specialty occupation used be understood by USCIS requirements as a job that requires a bachelor’s degree or other degree or certification or its equivalent in a related field. Now the USCIS is requiring petitioners’ degree to EXACTLY match the field.

If you receive in RFE regarding this and your degree does not exactly match the field of your specialty occupation, don’t panic! Certain credential evaluation agencies can covert work experience in your occupation’s field into college credit hours because they have the authority to do so. Before you order an evaluation to address this RFE by converting work experience, your want to make ABSOLUTELY sure the agency you are going through has the authority to do this. You only get one shot at responding to an RFE.

CCI only has professors with this authority conduct our evaluations. You can be sure the professor writing your evaluation has the ability to convert your work experience into classroom hours and bridge the gap between your degree in a related field and the field of your job.

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