Getting a Green Card can be very difficult these days but the green card lottery offers hope for many. Learn how to get one here. (EMAILWIRE.COM, June 16, 2009 ) A Green Card is an official card issued by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) granting foreign nationals permanent residency in the US. Form I-551 as it is officially referred to, allows the holder to live, work and study in the US. This makes it superior to H1Bvisa or any other visa available. Basically, there are four sure ways to obtaining Green Card. They include: • Green Card Employment & Sponsorship. This way of securing a Green Card has very many advantages embedded in it. They include: • Your sponsor or employer in most cases is responsible for all application costs. The Employer or the company is then liable to pay for your relocation costs as well. • You do not have to undergo education evaluation since a college degree is not a requirement for qualifying for a green card. • For an employer or sponsor to file your Green Card supplication, you mustn’t be currently in the US borders. • You get a job waiting for you and a Green card simultaneously. • Winning a Green card in the Lottery There usually is an annual green card lottery which is referred to as the DV (Diversity Visa) Lottery.  It avails 50,000 permanent visas to random people across the globe. The program gets its mandate from Section 203(c) of 1990’s US Immigration Act. It is an easy process to apply and is rarely subject to anycredential evaluation. • Green Card through a US Citizen Family Member For eligibility in this criterion, you must have immediate family currently in possession of a green card or is a US Citizen. For this (securing a Green Card on the basis of a relative being a US citizen), you have to undergo a rigorous, multi-faceted process. Your relative (sponsor) abroad has to undergo evaluation services e.g. Prove your relationship, prove support for you at 125% above poverty line et cetera. • Green Card Via Marriage By Marrying a US Citizen, you earn your citizenship. When the process is filed abroad (outside US) it takes a shorter duration of time usually within 6-8 months, to acquire the Green Card. While filed within the US, the individual applying, may work and live in the US immediately after filing but the process will take 12-18 months to actually secure the Green Card. This process is not subject to any documentation by the credential evaluators. Winning a Green Card rarely requires a credential evaluation. “We had one case of a Lottery Winner that needed an evaluations,” said Sheila Danzig, Executive Director of Career Consulting International, “It was an unusual case and he had to show equivalence to a US High School diploma.”]]>

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