Raising the H1b Cap will not take jobs from Americans, it will boost the economy according to two US Heritage Foundation Scholars. (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 09, 2009 ) Raising the H1b Cap Will Boost the Economy. Career Consulting International (CCI), a foreign credential evaluation agency, supports two US Heritage Foundation Scholars, Jena Baker McNeill and Diem Nguyenare, who are asking the Obama administration and Congress to increase the cap of H-1B work visas, stating that such a move would help stimulate economic growth and generate tax revenue. “Raising the cap would not steal American jobs, as is being believed in a section in the US,” stated Sheila Danzig, Executive Director of CCI,www.TheDegreePeople.com. Such a measure would, in fact, stimulate economic growth and generate the much needed tax revenue claim Baker McNeill and Nguven. Career Consulting International www.thedegreepeople.com work with firms and H1b applicants to show how their academic credentials and foreign education are equivalent to US education and degrees. This degree evaluation is required as part of their USCIS filing. “Raising H-1B caps will provide businesses the professionals and skills they need to develop their business when ready,” wrote Baker McNeill and Nguyen. Baker McNeill is a Policy Analyst for Homeland Security and Nguyen is a Research Assistant in the Douglas and Sarah Allison Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation. “Raise the cap back to 195,000 visas per year. Make the cap flexible. As the US economy fluctuates through its business cycles, the demand for H-1B visas will rise and fall. Congress should establish a quota that, if met, automatically increases for the next year. In addition, unused visas should be recaptured for the next fiscal year,” the two told Congress. They claim that expanding the H-1B visa back to 195,000 would provide 2 billion dollars of tax revenue each year, a beneficial step in the direction of reducing fiscal deficit. They also noted that H-1B workers are some of the brightest in the world and this will insure that they work in the US for American businesses which will only help the economy.]]>

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