While the H1b Cap is well behind last years pace. H1B visa new, renewal and transfer applications will still being accepted for Fiscal Year 2010. A good evaluation can help with even the most complex academic credential evaluations. (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 13, 2009 ) Academic Credentials Evaluations for H1B Visa Transfers The most recent report issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) indicates that only 42,000 H1B Visa petitions have been received as of April 9, 2009. On that date, immigration authorities released statements that petitions would continue to be accepted until the cap of 65,000 petitions had been received by their office. Additionally, USCIS officials will continue to allow persons currently holding H1B visas to apply for renewals and transfers to other sponsoring companies during this time. Unlike citizens or permanent residents, workers who reside in the United States on H1B visas must apply for government approval of their request to transfer their work visa to another approved job position. Depending on the time frame and the job requirements, workers may have to have their educational credentials re-evaluated before the USCIS will consider the petition to transfer or renew their visa. Sometimes these credential evaluationsmay be very straightforward and easy to process. Others are very complex and require expert opinions or proof of work experience. If you currently hold an H1B visa and are planning to transfer jobs, consult an immigration attorney to determine whether your academic credentials need to be re-evaluated before you apply for the transfer. If you do require a credentials evaluation, the cost and complexity of the evaluation will depend on several factors. Are you applying for an identical position with another company? If your education is identical to the requirements listed on your H1B Visa, you will probably have little difficulty. For example, if your employer requires a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, and you hold a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, you will probably only need a short credentials evaluation called a document evaluation. If, however, you have a three-year degree, or if your degree certificate does not specify a major in computer science, you may have to show proof of work experience to equal the needed educational credentials. Credential evaluation services such as Career Consulting International (CCI), owned and managed by Executive Director Sheila Danzig, specialize in complex evaluations involving three-year degrees and work experience evaluations. If you need your academic credentials re-evaluated for visa application or transfer, visit CCI at www.thedegreepeople.com. Even if you receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) or Denial from the USCIS, their team of experts and professional evaluators is willing to examine your documents without charge to see if they can help. For more information, call their toll-free assistance line at 1-800-771-4723 today. Choosing a good attorney and a reputable credential evaluation service may be the difference between acceptance and denial of your H1B visa application. Rely on experts you know you can trust. CCI’s credential evaluations have an approval rate of greater than 90 percent. Can you really afford not to choose them?]]>

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