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Foreign High School Graduates – How To Gain Admission to US Colleges

Foreign high school graduates can meet US college and university admissions if they know the basics of foreign credential evaluations. (EMAILWIRE.COM, October 05, 2009 ) Fort Lauderdale, FL – Time and again, people who apply for foreign credential evaluations for Bachelor or Master Degrees do not realize that there is a huge difference between the Advanced and Ordinary Level secondary exams. Actually, in a lot of countries, Advanced Level exams are equivalent to an additional year of college education. Countries for instance Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ghana, Sri Lanka, France, and several others provide students ordinary level exams that are equal to high school graduation of US. These countries, on the other hand, offer A Level exams as well, which is equal to one year of undergraduate studies. Due to this, they can easily show their three-year Bachelor Degrees to be equivalent to US Bachelor Degree, for the purposes of both education and the H1B visa. However, other countries counting those in West Africa (including Cameroon, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone) offer ordinary and advanced level exams together. For a lot of these students, though, the completing the A level exams is equal merely to graduation from high school and not an undergraduate year of college. A number of people do not understand the difference; however, a lot of other people automatically think that these differences will be taken into account by thecredential evaluation service devoid of having evidence of the completion of these examinations. But, according to Sheila Danzig, executive director of Career Consulting International, this is not the case. The applicants will not get the credit for this education unless they send the results of these exams. So if you studied your high school in a foreign country, and you are ready to apply for evaluation of academic credentials, send your high school diploma with your results of ordinary and advanced level exam. This will facilitate you obtain the highest educational equivalency that your academic credentials are worthy of.]]>

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