What’s to Come for H1-B Applicants in 2015

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Get started on your 2015 H1-B petition yesterday folks because this year is going to be even more competitive than the last. 2014 saw an increase of 50,000 H1-B petitions from 2013 in the span of less than two days of admissions being opened. The USCIS is legally required to continue to accept applications regardless of volume for at least five business days starting April 1st. That’s all it took in 2014 for 172,500 petitions to be filed to compete in a randomized computer lottery for 85,000 visas – 20,000 of which are reserved for applicants with Master’s Degrees or higher.

Since 2014 saw only a 50% success rate for H1-B applicants, employers are compensating by opening up more H1-B positions and sending in even more petitions to give their companies a better shot at the lottery. In addition, the software and internet security fields are continuing to expand, and jobs in this sector make up the majority of H1-B jobs. That means there will be even more IT H1-B jobs competing for the same number of visas that were stretched thin last year. That means you’ve got to get your 2015 petition in on April 1st to have any shot at getting it reviewed and approved for the next fiscal year.

In your petition, you and your employer must prove to the USICS that your job qualifies as an H1-B position by requiring a US bachelor’s degree or higher. You also must prove that your job and your employer actually exist due to increased incidents of visa fraud the USCIS has uncovered in the past decade. The final bit you must prove in your petition is that your academic credentials qualify you to fill your H1-B position. That means you must have your foreign degree evaluated to prove US equivalence to the education required to fill your specialty occupation. To do this, you must have your degree evaluated by a credential evaluation agency with the authority to write a detailed evaluation that takes classroom contact hours and work experience into account.

Since you are on a tight deadline and have a lot of documentation to get together, scrambling to find and mail in original educational documents for evaluation is more time and headache than you have the bandwidth for. At CCI we will work from emailed copies of your original documents. We also provide rush delivery on your evaluation and carry a lowest price guarantee.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little