What New USCIS Adjudication Memorandum Means for the Nightmare RFE

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The good news is that we likely won’t be seeing many – if any – Nightmare RFEs this coming H1B season.  The bad news is that the reason is because the recent USCIS memorandum issued in September of 2018 now gives visa adjudicators the authority to reject petitions outright without giving the petitioner a chance to defend their case.

This coming H-1B season, it is crucial to anticipate any approval issues you, or your employee or client may run into before you file.  The good news is that the memorandum also made all H-1B filing electronic when filing for cap-subject petitions opens.  You only have to file H-1B paperwork if you, or if your employee or client is selected in the H-1B lottery.  This buys beneficiaries a little time to get all of the additional documentation and evidence together, but the first time you file will likely be the last chance you get.

At TheDegreePeople, we recommend filing as though you are answering a Nightmare RFE.

If the beneficiary’s degree is not an exact match for the H-1B job and from an accredited US institution, you MUST include a credential evaluation written specifically for your situation, or for your employee or client’s situation.

Include an expert opinion letter that explains why the H-1B job meets specialty occupation requirements, and thoroughly explaining why the wage level was set as it was.

Let us review your case before you file to make sure you have all of your bases covered.  We also offer assistance with obtaining and filing the immigration forms you need to complete the petition.  Visit ccifree.com/ for a free review of your case.  We will get back to you in 48 hours or less.


This article was written by Rebecca Little