The Secret Sauce for Specialty Occupation Issues

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As executive director of CCI TheDegreePeople, I receive calls all day long about specialty occupation issues.  Invariably, someone will ask me if my experts are professors.  I have experts on hand 24/7 to write the expert opinion letters H1B beneficiaries need to successfully address specialty occupation issues, but they are not professors.

Here is why: the NUMBER 2 REASON for a Denial is because the expert is a professor.  USCIS wants an expert with EXPERIENCE in the field, not a professor.  In fact, USCIS has specifically stated in Denials that professors do not have the experience they are looking for.

But this is reason number two.  Why did I start with the second reason, what is reason number one, and what exactly is this magical secret sauce for specialty occupation issues?

The NUMBER ONE reason for Denials is because the RFE response was lacking in detail.  Even the best expert in the world can only do a great job if you supply them with details, details, details.

That is why my special sauce for specialty occupation issues is made of one cup of details mixed with two tons of experience for the expert who writes it.

To get the best expert letter possible that follows the secret sauce recipe, call 1.800.771.4723 or visit for a free case review.  We will get back to you in 8 hours or less with all of your options.

This article was written by Rebecca Little