The Race for H1B Visas: Who are the Winners?

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The Race for H1B Visas: Who are the Winners?

Is your company getting ready for the annual H1B visa race? Are you hoping to process enough visas to meet personnel needs? Or are you one of the professionals waiting to see whether the <abbr title=”United States Citizenship and Immigration Services”>USCIS</abbr> will allow you to enter the U.S. on a temporary work visa? How will President-Elect Barack Obama’s advisors impact the cap for these work visas? What kind of visa reforms will take place?

Meet Department of Homeland Security nominee Janet Napolitano. Her confirmation hearing will be overseen by Senator Joseph Lieberman, a sometime friend and sometime foe of the H1B Visa Program and its reform. While both Ms. Napolitano and Mr. Lieberman have strongly pushed for an increase in the number of <em>H1B visas</em> issued each year, Mr. Lieberman is also a strong supporter of visa reform.

Ms. Napolitano’s push for increasing the cap on the number of visas issued each year is based on her argument that the United States lacks skilled workers to fill the technology needs experienced by American companies. Although she couldn’t change the cap (this is controlled by Congress, and is currently set at 85,000), she could push to streamline the process, making the application much easier for persons with foreign degrees.

Another possible outcome of Napolitano’s nomination as Director of Homeland Security is that students who earn <abbr title=”United States”>U.S.</abbr> Degrees would have no difficulty obtaining an H1B visa after passing a background check. In fact, she advocates attaching a green card to these students’ diplomas! She believes that this solution would help to keep technology workers, as well as the resultant innovations in design and technology, within the United States.

In order to successfully promote her program, however, Ms. Napolitano will probably be forced to address the many abuses that have become a part of the H1B program. In reviewing several applications over the last two years, <abbr title=”United States Citizenship and Immigration Services”>USCIS</abbr> officials found that more than one-fifth of these applications violated federal rules and regulations. Further, they noted certain trends with regard to these violations.

First, some <strong>foreign degree evaluations</strong>, which are required for persons seeking <strong>H1B visas</strong>, reference fake diplomas or universities. Some applications contain forged signatures, while some applications were processed for shell companies. In addition, some companies hired workers to perform job duties not listed on the labor certificate.

<a href=””>Career Consulting International</a> is a <em>foreign education credential evaluation</em> agency whose experts take care to ensure that their foreign degree evaluations meet <abbr title=”United States Citizenship and Immigration Services”>USCIS</abbr> requirements. By keeping the agency’s standards high, executive director Sheila Danzig ensures the agency’s excellent reputation among immigration attorneys, <abbr title=”United States Citizenship and Immigration Services”>USCIS</abbr> officials, and business corporations. She is currently preparing for another booming H1B season rush.

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