H-1B petition

How Do I Know if I Need a Credential Evaluation?

  • Is my degree from a country other than the United States?
  • Is my degree in a field different from my job?
  • Is my degree generalized?
  • If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the answer is YES, you need a credential evaluation.Remember, these are people who will be evaluating your petition and deciding whether or not to grant you a visa. You want to make their decision easy by making their job easy. You can do this by clearly spelling out the value of what is in front of them. That means clearly showing the US academic equivalent of your foreign degree, proving that you do have the specialized knowledge of your field of employ even if you majored in something else, and that you do have specialized education and training in your field even if your degree is generalized on paper. Give them what they need when they need it and you will be pleased with the outcome.Call us at 1.800.771.4723 anytime or visit us at http://www.ccifree.com/?CodeBLG/ and we will take a look at your transcripts, resume, and work experience for free and discern what needs to overcome any obstacles standing in the way between you and your visa.]]>

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