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One of the biggest RFE problems H1B and EB2 visa candidates face is working with their own educational documents when they’re translations skew the educational value. When a candidate files a petition with USCIS, every document must be translated into English. Educational documents must be translated into English and THEN evaluated for US academic equivalency….

If your degree, or your employee or client’s degree is not in English, it must be translated. However, translators are not credential evaluators, and both practices require very different, and very specialized skills. A common and costly mistake EB2 candidates, and their lawyers and employers make is filing for this advanced degree visa without the…

Unless their documents are already written in English degree is from the United States, all work Visa applicants must have their educational documents translated into English and evaluated for US equivalence. For this reason, some translation firms now offer credential evaluation services. While this one-stop convenience may sound enticing to the weary visa candidate, beware….