Simplify Your H1B Job Search

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Any job search can be difficult. Finding an H1B job – especially if you are applying from abroad – can be even harder. You will have to find an employer willing to file a petition on your behalf and wait at least six months from the time you are hired to the time you will actually begin working for them. There are ways to simplify and streamline your H1B job search to maximize efficiency and help you find a job that best suits you.

Before you apply to any jobs, check in with their human resources department to verify the job offered is open to international applicants. Some jobs require a level of security clearance that is only attainable by US citizens. Some companies simply do not have the resources to hire H1B employees or can only hire a small number of them. Check in before you spend time applying, accept their answers, and move on. You will have plenty more jobs to apply for.

If it is in your career path or area of interest to do so, many jobs are exempt from the H1B visa annual cap. Only 85,000 H1B visas are issued each year by the USCIS and competition for these visas is intense. However, jobs working for non-profit and government research organizations, colleges and universities, and other institutes of higher education are exempt from the annual cap. That means even when all of the yearly visa slots are filled you can still obtain an H1B visa for these jobs. This is a great way to narrow and direct your search.

Another great way to simplify your job search if you are already living in the US is to obtain an internship with potential to grow into a job for the company. By the time you need to obtain an H1B visa to work for them, you will already be uniquely qualified for the position and you’ll have had the opportunity to build trust and a working relationship with your employers.

All H1B visa jobs require you to have at least a US Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. If your degree is from outside of the United States, you must have it evaluated for US equivalence before you even begin applying for jobs. Without an evaluation you cannot properly show your potential employers the value of your degree.

At CCI, we have the authority to convert work experience and classroom hours into college credit to bridge any inherent gaps between the educational systems of different countries. We can write detailed evaluations that thoroughly examine the academic content of your degree and clearly communicate what that means to potential employers.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little