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Do you have foreign credentials such as a 3-Year Degree from outside the US? These foreign degrees may be accepted as the U.S. equivalent of a 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree when properly evaluated.

If you have a 3 year degree, always call first before submitting your application.

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Recently, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) issued the following statement about a 3-Year Degree for employment-based immigrant visa purposes:

“For employment-based immigrant visa purposes (aka green card), the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will not equate a three-year diploma plus a post-baccalaureate diploma as being the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree for either EB-2 or EB-3 classification. Additionally, the USCIS does not accept a combination of academic background and work experience as being the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor’s Degree for ‘green card’ purposes”

What does this mean for our clients?

This means that the I-140 requires a single source degree evaluation and that combining a 3-Year Degree with a graduate foreign diploma or work experience evaluation will get your visa rejected. The 3 year degree must be shown as equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree.


Let our specialists help you win your case!

Through course-by course evaluation reports, an expanded evaluation report, and an expert opinion letter, as well as a large reference file, your 3-Year Degree can be shown as a US equivalency to a Bachelor Degree from an accredited US college or university. The Indian 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree is materially identical to the UK 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree because Indian university education system was established by the British during their occupation of India. The UK 3-Year Degree is always accepted by USCIS (formerly known as INS) as being equivalent to the US Bachelor’s degree. These same degrees, however, issued in many countries worldwide; have not been well accepted …

Until now.

Our clients have repeatedly reported to us their success in having their foreign credentials accepted because of our evaluation reports. Don’t be misled by a consultant who is not thoroughly familiar with this law and its meaning. Acceptable I-140s do not combine degrees or combine a degree with work experience.We cannot guarantee acceptance; each USCIS case is treated separately. We can guarantee, however, that we will do our best to ensure your success, and that our evaluation reports are highly successful.

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I140 Visa

If you can demonstrate a US equivalency to a High School diploma and a Bachelor Degree (12 years of primary and secondary school + 4 year bachelor’s degree or 13 years of primary and secondary school + 3 years of university study at a recognized university) your evaluation report can demonstrate that you have the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States of America. This will provide the proof you need for an immigration visa.

Furthermore, many 3-Year Degrees with 12 years of primary and secondary school, such as the Bologna Project, are considered the international equivalency of a US Bachelor Degree for immigration visas.

If you don’t have these educational credentials, we are able to use years of study completed on a master’s degree, a post-graduate diploma, a second bachelor’s degree, or other studies. Even if your degree wasn’t completed, we can use these to demonstrate U.S. equivalency to a bachelor’s degree.

(NOTE: USCIS has recently made it very clear that diplomas and course work from private institutions will NOT be accepted unless they are government recognized or affiliated with a recognized/accredited university).

H1B Visa

We can use an education + work experience evaluation to equate to the missing year(s) of study. Because USCIS has been closely scrutinizing foreign credentials, all of our work + education evaluations are done by international professors and include an expert opinion letter.

TN Visa

If you are applying for a TN visa, click here.

All foreign credentials evaluations are written by internationally recognized professors who are experts on education systems worldwide.

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Until June 30, 2010, the DV-2010 if you applied for the DV-2010 Green Card Lottery you can check the status online at the E-DV website. To check have the confirmation page handy – that is the page you receive at the time the lottery was entered during the most recent entry period which was Oct. 2-Dec.1 2008. You will need to enter the entrant’s confirmation number, along with your last name and birth year to be able to check your status.

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