September Total: Military Foreign Credential Evaluations

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September Total: Military Foreign Credential Evaluations

I promised to keep you updated, and the word is starting to get out, but I don’t think the U.S. Military is going to meet Ms. Danzig’s challenge. Not this month, anyway. They are making headway, but they are going to have to keep working at it.

This weekend we were able to do another foreign education credentials evaluations for a young man entering military service. He had received a foreign high school diploma, and wanted to join the U.S. Armed Services. Our evaluation report was issued as quickly as possible, and the young man was able to present it to his recruiter for enlistment.

In September, four soldiers have requested educational evaluations from us for the purposes of serving their country or in advancing their career after their service. Document evaluations are free of charge, and for the most part, serve to prove high school completion or the U.S. equivalency of a foreign degree, including a Bachelor Degree or Master Degree.

We promised to try to help serve 50 soldiers each month, and we have been able to help all who have come to us for this service. We are still looking for more. Can you help us find more young men and women serving their country who need to have a foreign degree evaluated?

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