Positive points of immigration highlighted by CEA

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Positive points of immigration highlighted by CEA

The latest report of CEA (2007) outlines all the positive points which immigration has on the economy of the country. The report says that around 90% of the natives have been greatly benefitted from immigration. The report also describes a few negative consequences of immigration on less skilled natives; however, it also mentions that these negative consequences are not a main cause of problems encountered by high school dropouts.
The CEA though does not overlook the consequences of unlawful immigration. The budget of government spent on the health and education of illegal immigrants has drawn the attention towards this issue. The CEA states that eventually positive influences will start coming through immigration after the accounting for long-run tax payments of immigrants and their families.
Gordon Hanson who is teaching Economics at the University of California, San Diego, considers immigration as a kind of “wash” in terms of economics.
On the other hand, George Borjas who is an economist at Harvard University, says that together with the positive consequences of immigration on the economy, it also decreased the average yearly income for native males by as much as 4%, which is a loss. He also asserts that those who are in favor of increased immigration levels should remember these average annual income losses.

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