No Degree? No Problem!

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Got the skills but didn’t graduate?  No problem!  Even if you don’t have enough years of college experience – or no degree for that matter – authorized credential evaluation agencies can convert work experience into college credit hours.

The USCIS generally accepts that three years professional, responsible work experience in the field is equivalent to one year’s worth of college education in that field.  If you need to count your work experience towards the degree that qualifies you for your H1B job and visa, you could just hope that the USCIS worker evaluating your degree draws this equivalence on his or her own, but this would be a pretty risky gamble.  The USCIS receives hundreds of thousands of petitions for just 65,000 H1B visa slots.  That means they are looking for an easy way out with each petition.  Don’t give them an easy way out on your petition.  Get your degree evaluated so they can clearly see the value of your skills in terms of US college education.

An authorized credential evaluation agency has the authority to write a detailed evaluation of your skill, converting work experience into college credit hours to bridge any gaps that may be left open in your academic career.  Just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you aren’t the most qualified for your job.  Get your credentials evaluated before you submit your petition, and land your H1B visa in 2016.

This article was written by Rebecca Little