Is Your Job H1B Qualified?

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April first is right around the corner.  That means you’ve got to get your H1B petition finished and filed to have a shot at landing your visa.  But before you go through all of trouble investing time, money, and energy into putting together your petition, it is essential to make sure that your job is actually an H1B job.

For a job to qualify as an H1B job, it must be a specialty occupation.  That means the position must required a US bachelor’s degree or higher in a specialized field to properly carry out the duties of this job.  The job also much include applied theoretical and practical use of specialized skills and knowledge.  You and your employer must be able to show that similar jobs in similar companies require these same minimum requirements to show that the job is actually a specialty occupation.  If similar jobs in similar companies don’t also require a bachelor’s degree or higher, you need to be able to show why this specific job in this specific company is uniquely complex as to fit the H1B requirements.

On the same note, you must also make sure that YOU fit the requirements of your specialty occupation.  That means you are either licensed in your field of specialty in the state your job is located in, you have a US bachelor’s degree or higher, or you have enough progressively responsible work experience to be considered equivalent to the needed degree.  If your licensing or degree come from US institutions, great!  If your degree is from abroad, or you have the necessary work experience but not the degree to prove it, that’s also great, it just requires one more step: having your credentials evaluated for US degree equivalence.

We have international education experts at CCI on call every hour of the day, every day of the year with authorization to convert classroom contact hours and work experience into the US college credit hours you need to clearly show your qualifications and the value of your specialized skills.  If you have a degree but it is not in a specialized field, a credential evaluation can give a detailed analysis of your coursework and academic content to clearly show the USCIS that you do have the specialized knowledge necessary to properly carry out the duties of your H1B job.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little