Is an Evaluation of Your Non-US Education Really Necessary?

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If you decide not to have your Non-US Education evaluated, you will find yourself very frustrated when applying for jobs that you are not only qualified for but overqualified for in the United States. In fact, your job application will most likely be discarded—especially for competitive jobs—simply because your potential employer will not be able to understand how qualified you really are from the credentials you present them. You will not get the credit for your education that you deserve unless you have it evaluated.

Think of it this way. You go to the store to buy something in the United States but at the checkout counter you hand over a pile of Euros, far more Euros than the product is actually worth. Will your foreign money be accepted as payment? No it will not. Even if the cashier could look up the conversion rate he probably won’t. Business does not work like that and education doesn’t either. Even if you have a Ph.D. from back home you won’t be hired for jobs that require only a bachelor’s degree or less because your potential employers won’t be able to understand the value of what you’re handing to them.

Whether you’re applying for a job, coming to the United States to further your education or to get licensed, or petitioning for a US Visa, you need to an equivalency certificate or an evaluation to prove the value of your foreign education. In fact, when applying for a work Visa, you must prove that you are fully licensed and qualified for the job by US standards and the only way to do that is to do this is to submit a credential evaluation.

Companies that provide evaluations are called Foreign Credential Evaluation Agencies, and as you’ve probably guessed you need to know what to look for in finding an agency that will evaluate your credential appropriately, accurately, and in a timely fashion.

When choosing your credential evaluators, make sure to define your specific institutional needs clearly. It’s important that you find a Foreign Credential Evaluation Agency capable of understanding and meeting your specific needs. If you have a USCIS Denial or NOID, etc., request them to look at it and advise you before you order an evaluation from them. If they do not understand USCIS regulations for a variety of Visas they are not good for helping you with your Visa although they may be very helpful for other purposes.

Here are some more helpful tips on what to look for when selecting a Foreign Credential Evaluation Agency:

• Request a direct number to call them back.
• Call and see if they will answer your questions. If they won’t return your calls, look somewhere else.
• Ask if you can call or text. An agency that really wants to work with you will use whatever communication method you prefer.
• Request a list of references from past customers and call them.
• Ask if they will work from copies of your education documents.
• Ask for a superior’s number. If the owner is willing to speak with you directly it’s a good sign that you’ve found a company that values its customers.

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Our process saves you valuable time in your application or petition process and ensures the safety of your vital original documents to honor your time-sensitive needs and your peace of mind.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little