I-140 Approval for Foreign Credentials Evaluation

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I-140 Approval for Foreign Credentials Evaluation

This week, we were very pleased to hear from another client who had received approval for his I-140 visa. It’s always wonderful to hear good news from people we have been able to help, and to offer help for someone else who has received an RFE or Denial. This person had received an RFE based on EDGE, so this approval was especially good news, and may offer hope to many.

This person had obtained a three-year degree from India, and the USCIS required additional evidence that his degree was equivalent to a US Bachelor Degree. Using all of the documentation and research accumulated by Dr. Sheila Danzig and Professor John Kersey, we were able to show satisfactorily that this degree was indeed the educational equivalent of a US Bachelor Degree.

This can be a difficult process, because universities in India do not document semester credit hours in the same manner as the US. However, when clients are able to obtain the actual number of credit hours from the university, they are usually able to satisfactorily demonstrate that they have at least as many contact hours as those required for a US Bachelor Degree.

We are always very glad to hear from our clients when we have been successful in demosntrating their academic credentials to be equivalent for immigration purposes. We also are glad to be able to share general details about these cases in the hopes that they may help a potential or future client. If you’ve received good news about your RFE or denial, contact us and let us know. We won’t use your name or particular details unless you give us permission to do so. We will honor your privacy. Just let us share the good news and hope with other people who are experiencing the same difficulties you have!

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