How to Find the Right Credential Evaluator

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When you submit your H1B petition, the last thing you want to do is deal with it again.  The rate of issuance of RFE’s has skyrocketed in the past five or six years along with the increased competition for the 65,000 annual H1B visas.  Why are they being issued?  Well one of the big reasons is to request information regarding the reliability of the agency that evaluates the academic credentials of the applicant.

You can’t get around this RFE by simply not having your credentials evaluated.  If your education was in a different country, you will need an evaluation.  If your degree was in a general field, you may also need an evaluation to take a deeper look into the specific content of your education.  Remember, to qualify for an H1B visa, you must have specialized training that will be applied in your specialized H1B position.  A credential evaluation is a must.  The only way to avoid getting an RFE on your credential evaluator id by finding a reliable agency from the very beginning.

But how do you know if you’ve found a reliable credential evaluation agency?

First and foremost, you should feel comfortable talking with them.  They should be friendly, helpful, and answer all of your questions directly and to your satisfaction.  You should be able to reach them whenever you call, text, or email, and they should have a team of professors and experts in international education on hand at all times to write your evaluation.  They also need to have the authority to convert classroom contact hours and work experience into college credit hours because educational structures and standards vary across the world.  Remember, your evaluation is how you can show the true value of your education.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little