How Can I Show Graduate School Qualification with my Three-Year Degree?

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Students coming to the United States for graduate school are faced with a serious dilemma in their application and acceptance process. Many countries throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and countries that formed their educational systems under British influence have three-year bachelor’s degree programs. These three-year programs clock more contact hours than the United States four-year degree. Unfortunately many United States graduate programs get hung up on the number of years and don’t see the academic content of these shorter but more intensive programs for what they’re worth.

Some graduate programs will accept students with three-year bachelor’s degrees through bridge programs where extra years of schooling are required to bridge the gap of one year of college education. Students with three-year bachelor’s degrees from other countries have to take at least one year of community college or a year of bachelor’s or graduate study to be considered qualified to continue onto the graduate program. Many students must complete several years of curriculum to bridge a perceived education gap that is not actually there, and this extra year of education tends to be basic level classes these students are well over-qualified for.

This is a waste of time and a waste of money. Bridge programs are NOT solutions and they CAN be avoided. Many colleges and universities with bridge programs routinely take applicants with three-year degrees into their graduate programs with a CCI credential evaluation that shows their three-year degree is actually equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree by converting classroom clock hours into US credit hours.

More and more graduate programs are now starting to accept three-year bachelor’s degrees that are properly evaluated to demonstrate equivalent or greater academic content to the US four-year bachelor’s degree. This type of evaluation requires more detailed and in-depth examination that fully shows the number of credit hours and academic content of the course as well as the performance of the applicant.

Career Consulting International specializes in evaluating three-year degrees and conducts very thorough and detailed evaluations. For more information check out their website or contact Executive Director Sheila Danzig for a free consult at 1-800-771-4723.

This article was written by Rebecca Little