H1B Visas for Start-Up Employees

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Unlike foreign employees working under an F1 visa, H1B employees stay can stay on with companies for at least three years, and up to six if their visa is renewed. This allows companies to train and keep their highly skilled workers and build a strong and sustainable team. H1B workers are highly skilled with at least a bachelor’s degree and often other specialized licensing and training, as well as a different perspective than a domestic worker to add dimension to your company.

Unless your company is established, these visas can be hard to petition for. If you have a start-up company and you want to hire H1B employees, you have to prove yourself to the USCIS. The more professional and organized your company is in real life and on paper the better. You must prove that you will provide your H1B employee prevailing wages and benefits for their specialty position, and that your company can do so without negatively impacting other employees or going broke yourself. You have to have a Labor Condition Application approved and have all of your ducks in a row by April 1st when H1B applications opens.

While employers are working hard on their end to get your H1B visa petition filed, as the employee, you have your work cut out for you too! You have to prove that you are qualified for your specialty occupation and you can only do this by having your foreign degree evaluated by a credential evaluation agency. Your petition needs to clearly show that you have the US equivalent of qualification for your position, and this may mean you have to get a detailed evaluation that breaks down the academic content of your degree. Education systems vary across the world, especially when it comes to institutions of higher education, so you need to make it very clear that your credentials meet US requirements for your job.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little