Good for You, Your Family, and Your Boss: H1B Status

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Employers in the information technology field want as many H1B employees as they can get. The industry is expanding faster than US citizens can fill all of the new jobs for highly skilled workers. H1B workers provide these highly skilled workers companies like Apple and Microsoft so need. Jobs in these industries, however, are subject to the annual H1B cap so competition is fierce. There is fierce competition for these visa slots because they are great for employers and even better for H1B workers.

Under H1B visa status, you can bring your family with you to stay for the duration of your visa status. This is often up to six years because the 3-year H1B visa is often extended. You can bring your spouse and your children up to the age of 21 with you under H4 visa status. Currently, H4 spouses cannot work in the United States, but statutes surrounding this are changing. Your children will be able to attend school in the US during your H1B stay as well.

Having an H1B job is a great way to get your foot in the door for a green card. Your employer can sponsor your green card petition and you will have developed a history of responsible US residency during your H1B stay. Of course, the H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa so naturalization is just an option. An H1B job is a great way to test out the US for you and your family before making a plunge into pursuit of citizenship.

Once you have H1B status, you are no longer subject to the annual cap. That means if you want to extend your visa beyond the first three years, you can do so without going through the lottery. You can also change jobs – as long as your new job is also an H1B position – and transfer your visa without being subject to the cap as well.

Getting this visa is the first step to retaining the benefits of having it. If you are petitioning for H1B visa status, you need to make sure you have ALL of the necessary documents ready to submit on April first. That means having your foreign degree evaluated for US equivalency. You need to order a credential evaluation from an agency authorized to convert classroom hours and work experience into college credit hours because educational structures and standards vary from country to country. A detailed evaluation that makes these conversions can clearly show the academic content of your degree.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little