Get Your H1B Petition Perfect the First Time

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Before you file your H1B petition, make sure you’ve done everything you need to do to clearly show the value of your credentials. Recently, the USCIS has required H1B petitioners to have degrees in the specific area of their field of employ. We all know that people get a bachelor’s degree in one thing and end up working a job in a completely different field all the time. The USCIS doesn’t take this into consideration anymore. Having a degree in a field different from your field of employ – even if it’s in a related field – will stand in the way of your visa being approved. A generalized degree – no matter how advanced – will stand in the way of getting your visa approved.

You need to clearly show the USCIS agent reviewing your petition that you have the specialized skills necessary to qualify for your H1B job.

How can you do this?

An authorized credential evaluation agency can help you bridge the gap between your job and your degree in two ways:

1) Close examination of your coursework.

At CCI, we have international education experts on hand all the time to take a detailed look at the content of your education. That means looking at the classes you took and what you learned from them. Even if your degree doesn’t reflect it on its face, a close examination of your coursework will clearly show that you do in fact have specialized knowledge pertaining to your field of employ.

2) Converting Work Experience into College Credit

An authorized credential evaluation agency has the ability to convert your work experience in the field of your H1B job into college credit hours. Evaluation of work experience and the skills and understanding gained by it can clearly show the USCIS that you are qualified for your H1B job.

You may be asking yourself, “Can’t I just do this on my own?”

No. You can’t.

We’re talking US immigration here. Unless you are an authorized credential evaluation agency or an international education expert, you cannot evaluate your own credentials in a meaningful and credible way.

At CCI, we will go over your case with you and identify exactly what you need to do to bridge any gaps in your petition that may stand in the way of you getting your visa approved. Call us anytime at 1.800.771.4723 or visit us online at

This article was written by Rebecca Little